GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ Motherboard

Im looking to overclock my amd fx 8350 as far as i can push it with my noctua NH-D14 but my motherboard i have right now is really cheap so im upgrading. Any opinions on this board? Any suggestions? also if i do get this board im getting it for $100 bucks used. so anything around there would be great. this one is really good. Pistol has a 9590 and a noctua cooler on it and it runs great so an overclocked 8350 on it should run great.

Yup - having this board, unfortunately... 

Yes it designed for overclocking but there is known problem:

VRM's tend to overeat (even if they are with cooler) - thus ramping up voltages spontaneously, that means thermal heat from cpu will rise dramatically and you can't do anything pretty much - noctua is not helping on that either as it will block airflow to heat sink of VRM.

So tendency will be such - It will suit for overclocking but be prepared to fight with those voltage peaks because they make CPU unstable as hell..

Rather now I would buy UD5 or sabertooth

This issue was true, until Rev 4.0 (possibly 3.0 as well). The VRM design has been beefed up and new UEFI used as well. 

I agree, stay away from anything Rev. 1.X, but unless you can produce some evidence indicating otherwise, I'd say the Rev 4.0 might be worth a try. 

I actually have the rev. 4 and I think if I hadn't got the board for free, I would have gotten something else. The uefi is just so bad its not even funny.

i have the UD3 rev 1.1 and i've OC to 4.5ghz and i've got no problems, my VRM temps and all run pretty well.  I think maybe i won the silicon lottery but i've got a good board.  Also runs 2 GPU's real well.  Personally i think UEFI is more flash than anything because the regular BIOS runs just fine.  Though i've been hearing good things about Rev 4.0 since the Heatsinks are better. Like 5*C cooler on average.  Though Gigabyte i say is up there in quality as ASUS.  MSI is kind of losing it with quality control in the AMD lineup. The one thing about ASUS that makes them better is that their way of controlling voltage and using eco friendly overclocking is a little bit better.  I don't like overclocking with full voltage i rather have voltage stepping so that i don't run max voltage all the time, plus saves a little on the power bill.  Gigabyte does a pretty good job with voltage ramping so i can't complain.

if you realy wanne push the FX8350 as far as it could get lets say  5GHZ+, then you need a realy great motherboard.

  1. Asus croshair V Forumla Z
  2. Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
  3. Asrock 990FX Extreme 9
  4. Asrock 990FX Fatality professional.

Gigabyte AM3+ board well i keep saying im not a fan of them at all, to much issues.

OK I think I'm getting the asrock killer 990fx board.

Forgot about the Asrock 990FX Killer which is quite new.

I understand what you mean about Gigabyte, but with their recent boards, they cleaned up their act with much of the VRM and LLC issues.

I dont think that the killer will be able to pass 5 ghz stable. But if you dont try it you wont know it. ☺

But 4.6 to 4.8 is the sweet spot anyway. ☺

I think the only boards that could hit 5Ghz would be the ASUS sabertooth and Crosshair V

well the Asrock extreme 9 and fatality pro, should also be capable to do it, with 12+2 powerphase digi vrm. gold plated caps.

On youtube they hitted 8.2GHZ on a Extreme 9, with nitros oxy cooling.

I feel like you can on them too but I think it may be easier for the average user to get it stable on the ASUS's

The UD3 is the cheapest MB that is FX-9590 certified. So it can run at least a 4.7GHz with a 4-core 5GHz boost stable at 1.5V provided the CPU can too. With an NH-D14, you'll have lots of incidental airflow over the VRM heatsink especially if you try to get that middle fan as low as it'll go. If you would rather not chance it then I would personally recommend the ASRock Extreme6 or Extreme9, or the UD5. All of which are also FX-9590 certified, so again can hit at least those speeds. The CVF-Z on the other hand is the got-to for overclocking world records for a reason: the extra 4-pin CPU power. So it can push more power than anything else to the CPU, albeit pushing past the 300 watt limit of the 8-pin is rather hard to do on even liquid-cooling.

EDIT: Didn't realize the OP had chosen already. Apologies. I will advise though that the Killer is not FX-9590 certified, likely for a reason considering it's successor the Extreme6 is certified. I've always been amused that Pistol runs her FX-9590 on the Killer in spite of it not being certified. I've always felt it's likely gimping some of their applicable benchmarks because of that. Someone mentioned the M5A99 in the context she's using that MB; If she is I've not seen it, just the Killer in the videos.

I'm using an 990FXA-GD80 and am still cruising around at a rock-solid 4.71GHz on a Corsair CPU water cooler. Been about... well, not sure when I bought it. It's been on my desk for a few years.

I can get 4.8GHz mostly stable, but not 24hr Prime95 stable. I backed mine off to 4.7GHz, but I was able to hit 5GHz with my MSI motherboard and keep the temperatures under control, but it wasn't stable enough to use. Windows would boot, get to the desktop, then eventually hang under the slightest load.

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