G860 vs. Intel i3

Is their anything that differs between the sandy bridge i3 and pentium G860 that will affect how well games run?Will their be a big difference in framerate?

Hmm, could have googled that one bro...

Games are odd things, the Pentium actually beats out the i3 in a few of those games, but the i3 wins by a fair bit in most of those benchmarks, to be honest I'd go with the i3 all the same if I were to pick one.

If you were going to be getting it with a cheapish GPU for gaming, I'd probably suggest getting the A10-5800K instead, the A10 give similar performance as the i3, slightly less at stock but with plenty of OC overhead to push it beyond what the i3 could do. The A10 is about the same price as the i3s and comes with the best IGP on the market at the moment, will be able to play most modern games on high at 30+ FPS.

The biggest advantage of the A10 route is that you are not dropping ~$100 on a GPU that you'll have to toss if you want to upgrade it later. The system will cost less overall, making a future GPU upgrade more tangible in the future, where you could simply drop the new GPU into the mobo and turn off the A10's IGP, still giving you a i3 equivalent CPU, without having wasted a ~$100 on a low-mid end GPU.

The disadvantage is that if you started picking up more CPU intensive hobbies like video editing or code compiling or w/e, you'd be locked on the FM2 socket with no room to upgrade above the A10 (at least not now, AMD stated they would continue support for the FM2 socket though) where with the LGA 1155 socket you can upgrade to an i5 or i7 if you suddenly want a big CPU performance increase. That and the i3 chips consume less power than the A10 so if your trying to conserve power that might be something to take into consideration.

you'd also need a $30 heat sink where you could put that 30 into getting a i5 instead

the G860 lacks the AVX instruction set which is useful for video editing but for gaming it doesn't really matter

I would go with the ivy i3 3220 or a ivy G2120 pentium both will support up to 1600Mhz ram

While the Hyper 212 EVO is a great cooler, you don't have to pair it with this chip, you can get a solid OC (1GHz IGP core clock + 4.3GHz CPU clock) with the 212's $10-$20 little brothers. They do surprisingly well for such cheap coolers.

I'm actually thinkong of getting a monster noctura instead of an h100

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Just get an AMD3+ board instead of using a dead board.