G3258 Safe Voltage and core multiplier

I just built my new PC like a month ago and I am just now overclocking the Pentium, and I want to know the boundaries for the chip. I'm currently at 4.26ghz at 34C* idle and full gaming load at like 50C* with the voltage set to 1.3. I'm wanting to push further, but I dont want to damage anything. Any responses would be GREATLY appreciated! (Using a Hyper 212 EVO, in case you're wondering.)

You very well may be hitting the cap for your CPU the onlybway to go higher is to custom water cool but I would go with a new CPU for the price

Anything approaching 1.4 volts is normally in custom water-cooling territory for Haswell chips, but, the G3258 is only a duel core; I'd say hit it hard so long as the temps keep in check who really cares. I will say however, going with a high input voltage (it increases with the core voltage) will shorten the life of the CPU by a good bit so keep that in mind. That chip will not throttle and is considered safe up until 85-90c anything over 90 is bad. All that said that CPU is a beast and if you cook it, it's only 60$ or so! I personally feel safe, warm, and fuzzy so long as my input voltage doesn't exceed 1.93 volts on my 4790k; so take that as you will.