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G300 mouse issues (SOLVED! I won a mouse today from EVGA. LOL!)

Ok I have never had this issue before and maybe there are tweaks I need to do in regards to mouse settings or other settings in Windows 7 64 bit but I have tried quite a bit and I am not getting smooth scrolling. I also have had it where I can't drag things across the screen like I want which may point to another issue. I did install a USB 3.0 driver that was on the Gigabyte site and no matter what the revision is for my mobo each revision uses the same driver. Also I have never had an issue with the G300 mouse before. After having some issues I decided to install the software for the mouse and currently the DPI is set to 2000 and the polling rate is 500 just to give you some info. from the software. Now in the mouse settings in Windows 7 64 bit I have the vertical scrolling set to 4 lines at a time and have tried the one screen at a time option and more and less lines being scrolled and still not the performance I want. Soooo ... glad that I was able to finally get around the password problem that had me locked out of the pc but now I am dealing with this pc not performing well. There are other things that I don't know if they are worth mentioning but Windows Update works one time updating loads of stuff but now it won't do a damn thing. I am wondering if I have other hardware problems. Should I look at resetting the BIOS? Anyway before doing that or other things not related to the mouse I am wondering what I can try with the mouse settings both in Windows 7 64 bit and/or the Logitech software that might resolve this. Also is there something possibly in the browsers I use that needs taken care of? Oh and one other thing is I can no longer have it where I double click on things to open them. Clicking is off with the mouse in that it clicks so damn quickly and it is not consistent in what it does. I want to set things to double click to open and close things in the Windows 7 64 bit environment like I had it be before. Also when I click on something now at times it will open it and immediately close it. WTH?

The only think I might be able to help you with, is the update issue.
This doesn't have to be an hardware problem, I had this problem before with some installations of Win 7.
Take a look at this software:
What it does: It downloads all needed updates directly from Microsoft, and installs them "offline", not using the Update Service.
Might take a while to finish, but solved this problem for me.
After this I had no further issues with Windows Update (yet)

In regards to the Windows 7 64 bit update situation it just seems to take a long time to connect but eventually gets the job done. It is something to start before I go to bed or before I go out somewhere. Problem solved in regards to the update situation.

Now ... as for my mouse ... I think the G300 is just on it's death bed. The scrolling is terrible. Now I have seen some repair procedures through searches on Google and I think I'll have to remove the padding underneath the mouse to repair it as that is the only way I can see getting it open but man I am not ready to do that yet. I am going to test it on another pc and see if it works fine.

Update: Not tested yet on another pc but honestly I am assuming nothing will be different. This mouse will become a fun project for me to mess around with and try and repair or I will sell it to someone letting them know of the issues.

Sooo .. with me thinking this mouse is done anyone have recommendations on affordable ($59.99 or less) wired mice?

I was wondering about this ..... on sale for $39.99 CA plus you get some bonus rewards with the purchase

The thing is I think this mouse looks much larger than anything I have used and with all the spaces in the design it looks like it could give me fits in terms of holding onto it without something getting pinched. Any thoughts?

Update: **** this choice as I looked up "cyborg rat freeze" using Google and it is common with many version of this brand/model of mice.

this seems like a lot of time and trouble spent on this mouse, and how much is "too much" is relative. however i would just get a new mouse at this point because they arent all that expensive and your time is valuable.

for suggestions, do you like palm or claw grip?

I rest my palm on the mouse and desk. Whatever grip that is I don't know. I also can't have a mouse that needs a mouse pad as the mouse pads always end up irritating my skin. In regards to money I hope to spend as little as possible but it is getting harder to stomach some of the so called good cheap choice when I start reading more and more about them. For the mice I have bought in the past .. G300 and Razer Lachesis ... the most I spent was $59.99 and really I want to stay at this price or go lower. The G300 I got for $39.99. Oh and I also have a Steelseries Kana which is ok but a bit clicky for my liking. I could use that temporarily but really I need two mice available as that is my son's and if he wants to come over and game well there is a problem then.

Anyway .. bottom line ..

I think with what I want to spend and what is being charged in Canada right now for anything decent I am **** out of luck.

sounds like palm and i dont know much about mice. the most important thing for me is how comfortable it is to use. i hear the tek syndicate one was/is nice and cheap. i use the azio gm2400 which isnt the best one in the world but it was 20$ and was comfortable and has a nice braided cable.

This gets loads of good reviews and I first saw it on this review channel ... (His channel is pretty legit.)

Thanks for that recommendation you made btw. I will take a look at it.

lel the are the same mouse with different skins

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LOL! Well then I will order one and let you know how things turn out with it. I thought I was going to order from Amazon but to get free shipping I need to hit the $25 mark. I will have to find some stuff to add if I buy from Amazon.

i looked up the sensor and the tek syndicate one is better, but idk if you can even buy those now.

LOL! I don't want a Tek Syndicate mouse. TS is dead.

Well after having trouble with the Logitech G300 for 24 hours I was thinking I was going to have buy a mouse but I just won this EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse!!! LOL! OMG! I could not have come at a better time!

I have had nothing but Dramas with my G300s mouse, I HATE the bloody thing. Pointer jitters, moves uncontrollably accross the screen for no reason at all. Have tried all the fixes by logitech, all the resolutions available and even Microsofts fixes and the problem is still there. I am a CAD Designer and avid gamer and my wireless shitty Microsoft mouse has no such issues and craps all over the logitech rubbish. There must be a good mouse out there that is worth purchasing? Logitech is bottom of the pile IMHO!!

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