G2a pre order bf1

should i preorder bf1 from g2a? its like 25 percent cheaper. im just wondering if there are any risks or downsides and if the price on g2a will be cheaper after launch.

You don't get a proper "pre-order" key from them. As they get their keys after release. Meaning you miss out on pre-order goodies.

It happened to me with Overwatch - i missed out on a Widowmaker skin, which i had to buy off someone else who had pre-ordered through Blizzard's store, and didn't care for the skin you get from pre-ordering, which comes as a keycode.

You're essentially buying a regular retail key from them.

do you know what you get with the normal bf1 pre order?

yeah but cheaper.

So it's clear. G2A is a gray market 3rd party marketplace. Keys cannot be guaranteed, and keys may (and have in the past) be revoked at any time from these kind of sites.

Feel free to discuss. But do not link them here.

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would g2a give me a refund if a key was revoked or didnt work?
I'd use a credit card to purchase so i can always request that my bank reverse the transaction.

You'd need to buy there 'protection' , I've not heard on the success/fail ratio of this i know people have been denied new keys regardless.

G2a ia like ebay, they don't actually sell the keys it's all 3d parties.

If you pay for that Origin monthly club thing you save 10% on your pre order. So really your spending 5$ to save 10$.

Where did i claim that it was not cheaper to buy from g2a?

Make sure you use the buyer's protection, so if you get a dud key you can use their live chat customer support and get a new key.

I've only got a bad CD key from g2a twice, and was given a new, working key instead both times. After i got in contact with their live chat support.

The buyers protection is a scam, it doesn't work. There have been cases when to receive a good key you'd need to let a g2a rep rdm into your machine to manually enter the key, its fucking sketchy. I had a kaspersky anti-virus premium key get revoked the day after I bought it. I got no assistance and never got a replacement key, which sucks. Its a grey area site and a lot (but not all) of the keys are stolen / gotten in sketchy ways. I used to use and recommend them but after watching this:

Video by the journalist Richard Lewis, I have decided against using their service in future. If you use their services, do know the risks that the key may be bad or go bad, and that a large majority of their keys are stolen.

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I generally only ever buy games from them, not software.

I've personally spend a couple hundred quid there and i'm content with their services. I also use sites like G2Play, and Kinguin. All of them have been fine for me.

Just make sure you pick a seller with a high rating.

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If you use those services a lot, do yourself a favor and watch the video. At least know what kind of company your supporting when you buy from a G2a or Kinguin

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You're implying it bothers me. As long as i can get a game as cheap as i can, i don't care.

It can't hurt to know exactly the business your supporting xP and the practices that company partakes in and such.

Yeah honestly I couldn't care less what kind of business it is just as long as I get what I paid for.

K but know you fuck over game devs when you buy from them, and that there's always a chance you either won't get a working key or will have the key revoked. Its not unheard of for a studio to find which set of thousands of keys were stolen and to go revoke all of them in mass.







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Until games are sold at more reasonable prices, the likes of G2A will be unstoppable.


Fuck game devs. They over price their games and Dlc, have buggy shit, lack content or any creativity and quality in the gameplay a lot of the time, have single player fucking dlc aka cheats, constantly want more drm and not being able to resell digital games and etc.
Quite frankly I don't care if i fuck over dice and ea.
The only concern I have is if the key works an drew can I get my money back for a revoked key.