G1 Gaming 970 or Sapphire 290X 8Gb

Yeah thats the conclusion I've come to. I was really only going to spend the extra $200 on 8gb for my Skyrim mods...... But I decided that its not worth that much. Even in 4K 8 GB doesn't really make that much difference though. The gpu architecture bottlenecks it. I'm just going to get a 7970 and wait for the 300 series... then use it as a coaster 

My old R9 290 would choke and splutter in vanilla GTAIV in higher resolutions, GTX 970 runs great with the same resolutions with ENB (R9 was a slideshow with teh enb).

For me the R9 290 was the worst card I've ever bought followed by the FX5200.

they put all the different names in there so it pops up if you search something else i list things like that to except i put the words "similar to" in the title lol

Done like a true Logan!

290x 8GB!