G1 Gaming 970 or Sapphire 290X 8Gb

I'm split. The 970 and the 290X 8gb are neck and neck. 970 is cheaper and less power so I can save on PSU (will be eventually doing SLI/Crossfire setup) but 290X has 8gb for Skyrim mods and multi monitors.... Will also be going sub zero with phase change once I get that unit settup so 10 phase VRM could be very good, but G1 also does well under snow. I'm using a 1440p screen, 60Hz. 

I'm kinda stuck at that point where I have had a build in my head with a G1 Gaming for so long, but the 290X looks really good and the 300 series is around the corner. Inevitably AMD is going to kill Nvidia with its new GPU's so I will probably get those and sell whatever I have now, so resell value is a contributing factor. 

I need a GPU to see me through until the next line comes out. 

What do you think guys?

I'm in the same boat you are, I have a 670 with at 1440p monitor, can decide on what new GPU to get.

Nvidia Gtx 970's have a rather serious memory bug so for that reason alone I have to vote 290x. It could be a driver update to fix the 970 bug and then I would recommend that but if it is a situation that requires cards to be sent in to get fixed definitely 290x. For something that you want to just get you through a couple months the 970 makes no sense. It could require down time for you to get it fixed and at 1440p the memory bugs will be more apparent since higher resolutions use more v-ram where the memory bug becomes most annoying nad frustrating. 

don't go for multi GPU configuration, the money that goes into it is just not worth it, as far as single GPU configuration, there shouldn't be a GPU/CPU combination that would merit the need of a PSU greater that 700w but if you're going to blow money on a multi GPU config I would not get a 290X considering the 3XX series is just around the corner

most systems could get away with a 550/650w but that really depends on whats in the system

from where I see it the 290X and the 970 cost the same


I would really wait for 3XX series cards, no point in buying outdated technology

its an actual hardware issue


I've tried three times to comment but my internet keeps losing a secure connection, and is about send me fucking insane.

So I will summerise

-agree, no gpu/cpu combination goes over 700watt. but going to do multi gpu and sub zero, so i need the headroom and there is no point rebuying something in a couple of months

-disagree, 2x gpus is worth it but nothing more than that unless you are a rendering farm.

 -970 is inherently a hardware bug. although the issue has more hype than is deserved, it doesn't impact nearly as significantly as people think. gigabyte 'apparently' has a driver fix for it but id assume its just changing the way memory is allocated. id guess it would allocate the right percentages to the slow and fast memory to make the delta going from under 3.5 gb to over 3.5gb significantly less. although at full vram usage it would still be as slow as the next card.

i would wait for the 300 series if i had a system but i don't at the moment and i need to put it together before the end of February.

200 more (aud) for 8gb isn't worth it so I'm going to go 290x 4gb. which do people think? 970 or 290x? I will resell when 300 line comes out

If you're just going to resell the card later you'll probably lose less on the 970, the more expensive the card the more you're gonna lose when you sell it, additionally when the 300 series is out the 290x will be old news whereas the 970 will still be the current generation of cards. But I digress the 970 has a memory issue with the last 500 mb which may have an impact on price and perceived value, and quite frankly after this has surfaced I flat out don't trust the 970. Also as i stated earlier when 300 hits 290x is old news price will drop $100 ish instantly. If you can wait, wait. If you can't then 290x here's an open bid on one used so you'll lose much less reselling it, there's only 8h left on it and you probably won't see one used surface again for quite a while.

might I suggest picking up a 7970 instead? that's what im doing as it's 120-140 now and will be about 100 when 300 series is out so the loss is minimal.

I think I will actually take your suggestion on the 7970, there seem to be a few floating around on the net and it should see me through to 300 range. i had one of these and sold it for a 770 when the 700 line came out.

The 290x thats selling on eBay won't ship to australia anyway

I also had a 7970 and partially fried it over clocking it still worked temps were just insane and had to be underclocked, sold it for 60 bucks on eBay.  got 2 r9 285s to replace it thinking the memory stacked in crossfire that was the most derp moment I ever had. Realized they don't stack so I sold one >_< 

Agree single 290x is the way to go. Just bought one of the Vapor X 8GB for my girlfriends Pc and shes loving it! Gonna water cool it next!

Ahaha yeah, I believed for about 2 years that memory stacked... Sad times. 


Check out this listing.... Not dodgy or anything. Its a "MSI RADEON 7950 TWIN FROZR ATI XFX GEFORCE GIGABYTE SAPPHIRE RADEON HD 7970 7990" apparently

I'm an IT guy and know how to take care of my electronics.



This one is sold by a guy calling himself "theshroommonger"

Looks like its in really good shape. Try to find one that's buy it now for 140 USD ish and has a best offer option send them 125 as an offer (or whatever it is in Australian dollars) you'll probably get it

I just ordered a 4GB Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 GAMING card, an upgrade from my Gigabyte GTX 670 OC. Looking forward to it. Never knew about the memory bug though.

Don't even worry about it, the difference it makes is almost null. Its more so than Nvidia needs to have a little more transparency on issues like these

If I had to open my mouth and insert foot I'd say it will be fixed with a firmware update by splitting the allocation between the 3.5 gig and 500 MB in such a way that it only impacts for by 1-2 fps

sounds like a plan

Yea I know the internet can make mountains out of stuff like this. I went for the G1 over the 290X for cooler and quieter operation, and it's efficiency. Although, personally, I think they are pretty much an even match. I'll be running at 1080 until I get a new monitor so should be good with the latest games.

Shame I won't see the backlit logo with a windowless case but I can live with that.

If you get a 290x, don't get the 8GB unless you're planning on 4k. Even then, it's not too worth the premium. Nothing realistically, and effectively, uses that memory, and the 8GB card isn't better than the 4GB vapor-x. With that said, two 7970s for cheap is still a damn good setup.