G Flex 2 Vs. OnePlus X?

I managed to sweep up an invite for the X but then I found the G Flex 2 on Newegg for $245 and it specs blew me away. The issue is I prefer the ROM and build of the X. I can't use TWRP or anything like that on the G Flex 2 making this kinda hard. I mean this thing has a snapdragon 810 vs the 801 and a self healing back. I can't decide so any input would be amazing. I need to know before tomorrow.

I've been thinking about it,many you know what? Sure it, I'm going with the G Flex 2. Everything is just better and the OS is going to bug me that much especially if I can get root. I love the quality of the OnePlus X so this justification was hard, but I am going to jump on it. Maybe one day I can even unlock the boot loader on it. Not to mention it's currently LGs most powerful device, and thermal throttling isn't a problem anymore.


Edit: but then I see shit like this and my head does a backflip:


I don't know anymore.

I'd go with the OnePlus simply because it has more support and it's much more open than the G Flex 2.

If I remember correctly the bootloader is still locked which sucks cause you can make custom roms for it.

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I almost bought a OnePlus X as well. Then they wanted $35.63 to ship it within the same country and I said fuck that.

Im loving my Motorola Droid 2 Turbo.

They charge for shipping in the states? If they do I can't get it

*that much for shipping

I mean that's like $20 away from a OnePlus 2 and defeats the purpose.

Edit: here it's only going to run me $15. I think I'm going to get the X.

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