FYI: a windows update causes chkdsk to possibly corrupt SSD’s

So you should probably hold off on running it for a while.


Thanks for the news!

Nothing new under the sun thou. Windows keeps going down and down when it comes to reliability. I wish the old days came back, when I had auto updates on Windows 7 and didn’t have to fear that.

NVME ? or just sata based

I’m seeing people report chkdsk needing to run multiple times and I guess no further issues, and others outright losing their filesystems.

I’m not clear on what exactly is going wrong on in what circumstances, but at the very least some comments have people having trouble with chkdsk running multiple times on nvme drives, so I don’t think it’s an ACPI vs NVME thing.

Closest I came was m.2 ssds. The hardware used was too old for me to sweat :slight_smile: Only thing I have on ssd is small data drives that are backed up several times in other ways.

Well yeah i agree.
In my opinion Microsoft should just go back to the old update policy.
Let people control and manage the updates them selfs,
for the people who want that.
Because the auto update is probablly still one of the biggest frustrations of 10.
This could potentially elivate problems like this happing.
Because MS pretty much got rid of a large chunk of their bug testing devision.


They made every user a part of the bug testing community. :slight_smile:


Yeah i know, not really a great thing as far as i´m concerned.
Still yeah curious if MS has already pulled the update back or not.

Especially since the feedback function is locked behind “create a microsoft account”

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