Fx8350 vs i5 3570k (Guild Wars 2 FPS)

Since there has been big debate between fx 8350 and the intel ivy bridge, there is a video explaining the pros and cons between fx 8350 and the i5 3570k with detailed explanation and also covering the fps on Guild Wars 2. 


In my opinion, its actually a really hard choice, because the 2 processors trade blows in alot of different game. With the AMD, yes you get 8 cores, but for gaming that wont matter for 5 years, and by then youll buy a new cpu, and it consumes more power. But, id go amd, and heres why. Haswell will have a new socket, and steam roller might not ( and if it did, in amd fashion they always support old sockets. Im waiting for Ivy Bridge-E replace my 1100T, because i haven't had too much of a reason to but an 8350, because i wont see much performance boost. 8350 will be irrelevant soon because Intel is coming out with Haswell, which alone will blow away and 8350. I haven't heard of AMD releasing anything for 2013 (Whos knows, they most likely will) My hopes are AMD creates a true enthusiast socket this year, but i doubt it. Haswell of course will be more expensive, but isnt sad that an 8 core has to be priced down to the price of a 4 core just so people will buy it? Will the next i3's be 4 cores? will they beat and 8350? If i wasnt waiting for Ivy Bridge E, id look for a 2500k when haswell comes out and put more money into a GPU.

The new consoles comming out are starting to get pretty decent multi core APU's (actually i think the ps4 has an AMD chip) meaning that console developers will now start to optimize their games for multiple thread games, this will mean that more PC games will utilize more cores so the 8350 and other AMD chips will start to claw back the advantage intel currently has (it will take time however).

yea, but the thing is that sources tells that a ps4 dev kit carries 4 amd x64 dual cores making it 8 cores, not essentially bulldozer processor, plus we don't know how those processors for next gen console are utilized until the next e3.  also, we're not sure about sure if those tech specs for ps4 or xbox 720 are official so we'll have to wait and see what happens next at e3.

Lolz, the PS3's current processor is a beast already. 

could be, as a one true core. i don't know how the cell processor is really utilized compared to the current amd and intel processor that we have today.