FX8350 users? Is 1.4v to much for only 4.4ghz?

FX8350 users. Is 1.4v to much for only 4.4ghz?

default is 1.35v (try disableing AMD turbo in the bios some mobos over volt the cpu with it on.

It's stable only on 1.4v at that clock. I just wonder if other fx 8350 users have to apply that much more voltage for that clock. btw boost is off.

1.4 is ok you have to put 1.5v in to it to get 4.8-5ghz

1.4v for a 4.4ghz overclock is acceptable. It's not the best, but you still have some headroom.

Getting lucky on the lottery, or investing in a special-binned 8-core, can get you to 4.4ghz with ~1.325v.

I've got mine at 4.6 @ 1.4v I could probably tweak it up a little on that, but I'm lazy lol

I'm not going to comment on the clock you have, as that's all down to the lottery... But as far as the volts go you should be fine as long as your Temps are acceptable :-)

What motherboard do you have?

1.4 isn't that bad for 4.4GHz. My 8350 is about the same caliber, maybe even worse. Edit: Okay, it's not good, let's put it that way

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Some poor bastards need 1.4v to run at stock. :\

Wait, I thought the Chip came stock with 1.4v...?
1.425 for it's 4.2Ghz boost

ANyways my FX6350 hits 4.4Ghz at 1.425v and 4.6Ghz at 1.45v


For 4.2GHz, I need 1.376v during load.


I wouldn't be surprised. Stock voltages are often inflated for that "just in case" factor. My FX-8320 had a stock voltage of ~1.350v... I can overclock up to 4.4ghz on the same voltage.

I usually run 4.0ghz with ~1.175-1.2v, though. I'm on the lucky side of the lottery spectrum.

CPU: FX8350 Black edition eight core @4.3Ghz
Cooling: Zahlman CNPS14X
RAM: DDR3 1866 G-Skill Sniper 16GB
MB: Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
PSU: CoolerMaster Silent Pro M2 1000W
HDD1: Western Digital blue 300GB
HDD2: Seagate baracuda black 3000GB
OS:Win 8.1 64 Pro
Case: Chieftec Dragon
Monitor1: Asus MS238 23" 60hz 2ms
Monitor2:Fujitsu Siemens 13" 75hz 5ms
Keyboard: Gigabyte Aivia v2
Mouse: Gigabyte THOR M7 / Gigabyte M6980X

For 4.3 i need 1.35v and for 4.0 1.27v. Thats all tested under full load/gaming/rendering and prime (if someone is wondering). Well i gues thats what mine chip can do without ading even more voltage. P.S max temp at 4.4ghz is 56c full load and at 4.3ghz max temp is 50c Thanks guys.

That's more than good enough.

Pretty much anything after the 4.2ghz mark is just using too much energy to justify the performance benefit. Past 4.4 is pretty much rediculousness.

Mine runs perfectly at 4.4 ghz with the stock 1.320v ( FX 8320 )

My 8320 also ran at 4.4 ghz at 1.32v, however it created a bit too much heat. It's currently sitting at 4.2 ghz at 1.28v

What are your CPU / NB voltage settings?
Or do you still have it in offset mode?

If you still run in offset mode, then switch to manual mode.
And set a static cpu voltage number eventualy.
But 1.4V is basicly not abnormal for a FX8350 at 4.4Ghz.

nonsense, overclocking isn't about practicality!
1.4 used to get me 4.5 on my 6350

Cpu voltage is fixed manually at 1.39v while under heavy load it jumps to 1.4v
And i left the NB voltage on auto/offset.

Do you think MisteryAngel that it is better that i back it up to 4.2 ghz or am i safe at the current settings?

P.s i plan to use this mashine a long time? So will this degrade the cpu fast? It's rather cool this time of the year so i don't se it going over 50c while doing my "stuff". And i definitly am not alowing the cpu to go over 55C. Thank you in advance.

your current settings should be fine.
My FX also does jump to 1.4V somethimes wenn its on load.
No problem whats so ever, after 2.5 years of intesive use.

Thank you very much your advice means alot.