fx8320 + msi 970a-g46?

Logan keeps talking about the amazing value of the FX 8 cores so I would really like to upgrade to the FX8320. However I'm not quite sure if it's compatible with my motherboard, the 970A-G46. I've done some research and it seems that half of the internet says it doesn't work and the other half says it works great. Will I run into VRM issues or will it be able to handle itself? 

TLDR; Should this combo run fine? I don't plan on doing any overclocking. 

Thanks, TheFeelTrain

I wouldnt go with the 125w 8320 I'd lean towards the 95w 8320E <http://pcpartpicker.com/part/amd-cpu-fd832ewmhkbox> Just because of the limitations of your boards power delivery. Last thing you want is a fried board. You may also need to check that the BIOS is up to date so it supports the new low-power FX chips.

Since you wont be overclocking you should be fine for long term use with a 8320E. Just be sure to keep some really good airflow over the motherboard and the whole inside of the case for that matter. It may even be worth playing with undervolting (most cpu's should yield a decent undervolt for stock speeds). Doing so will ease the stress on the motherboard a lot.


970A-G46 has indeed common overheating issues.

Yeah that motherboard is really terrible. For the same price or a little more there are better options. 


Prus one heyahh.