FX6300 vs FX4300 vs 965 BE

Hey everyone, I wanted to know more about the advantages/disadvantages of choosing each of these CPUs in comparison to each other. Like i know the 6300 is a 6 core and will out-perform the others in games/apps that take advantage of 6 cores, but is it worth the extra money for the 6300?

Also how do the 965 BE and 4300 compete with each other in terms of performance in games, and then price to performance? Overclocked, stock clocks. (I ask because I want to help my cousin spend his money as wisely as possible on his first rig.)

Yes the 6300 is more powerful than the other processors you list, it is not a matter of more cores but the overall performance is better, in the other hand the X4 965 is better than the FX 4300



I will second Ryoga, though I don't have experience with the FX-4300.

The FX-6300 is definitely better than the 965BE, I have built machines wtih both. On paper the FX-4300 is going to be weaker than the 6300.

with eye on the future i would say go with the FX6300

So the 6300 is defiantly worth the extra money over the 965BE then? (since the consensus is that the 4300 and 965BE are pretty close in performance)

The simple answer is yes.

The FX-6300 is only a small percentage more expensive than the 4300 and will be much more future proof. It will also better enable you to play games and still have other things running in the background.

Having recently built with on though, if you live in a hot country I would recommend installing an aftermarket cooler as the stock one BARELY keeps the CPU under it's limits when stressed.

cool. Yeah it's hot where i live so i guess getting a btter heatsync wouldn't be to hard. Thanks for the info though.