FX series CPU's still worth buying?

so i finally got a job.. huray
however i expect to be able to get around 200,- EUR a month or a bit above.
and i-am still rocking the Q6600 with (at this moment) a OC to 3.6Ghz,
so i want to upgrade but i don't want to have to upgrade again in two years.
now the 8320 and 6300 are getting old?
are they still worth buying?
(note i don't care for any fps above 60, i capped myself @61fps to go easy on the gpu. and my monitor is 60Hz)
should i wait for new (amd) architecture? or just buy am3 in a few months? i really need a upgrade.

8320 and 6300 are good choices but you may want to wait because AMD are expected to announce their new GPUs and CPUs soon.

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Yeah i thougt so,
But how soon is soon?
And will te prices still be nice and low?
Also is there anything confirmed?

True for gpu, but the cpu's wont be out this year. I would guess that they will be out in late second half of this year. Nothing is really confirmed other than that the architecture is going to move away from CMT which pretty much doomed bulldozer. So I would reccomend that you buy the am3+ chips now if you can afford them. I am using a fx-6300 and I can max out gta v with my 7970, and while that game isnt extremely cpu intensive, this is still pretty impressive for a chip that old. I can guarantee that you will see a huge boost over your q6600

It's... a really difficult time to try to recommend components for people, at this point in time.

Games are still pretty heavily single-threaded, and programmed to use just a couple cores. As such, the Unlocked G3528 Pentium, or an i3, is a pretty good by for a mainstream performance PC. Embarrassingly, they can perform as well as an FX-8350 in some cases.

Meanwhile, we have DirectX12 on the horizon, with multi-core optimization, and with it we should see a great leveling of PC performance for games as the CPU bottleneck is diminished. The age of the dual core may very well be upon us, but they won't be obsolete.

I don't know the prices in the Euro market, so I don't know what the best bang-for-the-buck is over there, but if you can find the MSI Gaming 970 or ASRock Performance 970 for the equivalent of $100, or less, with the FX-6300 for the same price, that is a pretty good match-up.
Alternatively, you could try to build an FM2+ rig, with the Athlon X4 860K. You won't have as many cores, but the cores will be better, and the overall cost should be a bit less. (Four "real" cores as well, so it should benefit decently from DirectX12.)

The answer is no but for the cheapest budget.The modern feature set on the newer intel platforms just put the am3 platform to shame. M.2 being the biggest i can think of. Let alone ddr4 and other things. It literally does not make sense to even consider amd for price to performance except on the tighest of budgets. I personally am running an 8350 right now and greatly wish i had faster ram and M.2 right now.

I don't think, faster RAM isn't really going to help you with anything unless you're doing some heavy physics simulation.

Also isn't there like low cost PCI-e to M.2 yet?

And is your 8350 OCed?

upgrading from a Q6600 to a FX cpu is not realy worth it for gaming atleast.
It will perform better in some area´s like rendering and what not.
But i dont think its worth it.

if you look for a gaming system, and you can afford a 4690K + Z97 board.
Or a locked i5 + H97 board, then i would recommend that.

If you are looking for a cpu, for gaming and rendering and such, then might also look at a Xeon E3-1231V3 + H97 board for example.

Of course a FX cpu is still not a bad choice, pair it with a midrange gpu, and still have a very capable gaming setup.
But i cannot deny the fact, that the FX cpu´s starting to show their age, wenn it comes to gaming.

yeah i was thinking about the Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P because of the 8+2 good stuff and it costs 80,-
also i really wan't to have more than 4 cores, (because i like to stream ;) even though i have no viewers...)

hmm i do think it'll be a big upgrade,
the q6600 is now starting to really end his life...
and its bottlenecking all over the board even with a beavy OC.

and i know cpuboss is not the most reliable but that video tough :O
anybody else who can shine a light on what misteryangel said?
because now i-am curious

yes in rendering the FX8350 will be better, because it can use all its 8 cores.
For streaming its still a nice chip by the way,

I have to agree with MysteryAngel on this, the i5 is beastly, and is about equal to the 83xx chips in all benchmarks, meaning it is about twice as fast per core as the 8350. Seeing as games value a few beefy cores over an army of weak ones, my recommendation is rather obvious.

yeah with an i5 you can stream on the igpu with qsync, but that will of course not be as great as streaming on X264

an Xeon E3-1231-V3 could also be interessting.

but what i5 and h97 board?
i'd really like to overclock and get full potential out of my silicone friend...
and as far as i know if you wan't a k series cpu from intel you'd have to pay more for the cpu alone than the cpu mobo and ram from amd...
please help me out

if you want to overclock then you need a K cpu like the 4690K or 4790K + Z97 board.
Basicly any decent Z97 board would be fine, something like the Msi Z97 Gaming 5 for example.

But yeah like i said 4690k will be great for gaming, you can also stream on it, using the igpu and qsync, but it wont be as great, as on an i7 for example which has HT.

Ya, i was thinking that xeon on a modern intel 1150 platform. Makes greater sense to me. Mind i do have limited exp with the intel side of things.

I run a 4670k at 4.2, my brother runs a 4460 at 3.2, he got my 770 when i went to my 980, i notice little to no difference between his system and my old system.

As for what board and cpu? Get an i5-4460 and something like the H97-D3H from Gigabyte.

correct, even a locked haswell i5, has no single issue maxing out a GTX980. which is amazing.
But yeah locked i5´s even as the Xeon, have no overclockabillity, and thats basicly a con.
However, you can pair them with a cheaper H97 board to save money.

But for overclocking you need a K cpu + Z series chipset board.
Or Of course a FX cpu.
But still if you plan on a higherend gpu like a GTX970 / GTX980 / 290 (x), then an intel chip would be a better allround chip for gaming,

i guess i-am just pretty much fucked...
amd is not releasing anything new,
intel is very expensive when i wan't to overclock.
and because intel keeps changing there damm sockets -_- i would also have to invest in new cooling solution.
i guess i'd just wait it out until the end of summer.
this is a really shitty time to buy hardware it seems, on every forum i read i-am just doomed at the moment

which cooler do you have?

the Zalman ZM-WB5