FX isn't dead!

I'm sure a lot of you guys have heard this but amd has announced that they are developing a new high performance core from the ground up and ditching bulldozer(Thank the lord) lets hope that it actually compets with Intel on the high end.  I for one believe AMD is heading in the right direction and am interested to see how this new core preforms.  However it doesn't seem like we will see it for a while.



Now I am expecting big things. I only glanced at the article, but AMD have been pretty spot on with recent developments.

If AMD pull this off I WILL give them my moneys. I promise.

cool, i bet the stock cpu cooler will be a liquid all in one from corsair.

Looks exciting.  Might take another year or two, though.

Holy crap... I feel really bad for that guy who posted a few days ago saying he had insider knowledge and that they were coming out with new FX stuff... Everyone laughed...

Now if AMD can bring this in at a decent price that is around where the FX line is now it will be amazing. I do hope though they don't completely ditch the ideas of having a lot of cores. I really do think there is something to having an 8 core desktop CPU. I hope we don't just get a quad core with hyperthreading. Although if it really does kick the ass of any 8 core than I suppose it'll be okay :p

I really hope too that they call it Phenom III but that's just me. 

It's a little to late for me. I bought a 990FX board nearly 3 years ago when bulldozer being hyped as a competitor for the i7. I went ahead and bought a 1090T to hold me over, expecting to upgrade when bulldozer came out. Well, I was more than a little disappointed when it finally came out. This new architecture isn't supposed to come out for 2 or 3 years, and unless intel stagnates from a lack of competition, they will have a LOT of ground to cover in terms of performance. I'm not saying it can't happen, but I'm not willing to wait hoping the rumors pan out.

I probably wouldn't have been near as sour about AMD's current position in the market if they didn't use the FX name. When I first got into computers circa 2005 their FX line was outperforming intel's extreme edition processors. I really thought AMD was interested in the high end and enthusiast segments again. I understand not wanting to release another $1000 cpu, but right now AMD has nothing that even competes with intels high end (socket 1150 i7) and enthusiast (socket 2011) parts.

I'm not trying to hate on anyone's hardware. The value of the fx 8350 is there, and it is a capable chip, it just isn't what I would consider high end. I guess I would say I view it as a v6 camaro.

This time AMD will set things right. I promise.

Just take their word for it and buy a new motherboard.

I made that $200 mistake before haha. I guess that's why I'm being a bit of a party pooper. Seriously though I do hope they pull it off, my first computer was an AMD machine and if they can once again be a thorn in intels side the consumer can't lose.


It would really be amazing to see them come out with something that will really trash Intel like they did in the old days with the original FX parts. 

I'd really like to see a true enthusiast option from them as well. Something really crazy that is completely customizable and just stomps all over the consumer grade offerings. Not just something with an X on the end and a $1000 price tag. The reference R9 295X2 gives me hope on that end...


Interesting, i'm rocking a 2500k right now but if they get it out soon enough for the right price and preformance I could be persuaded to get one. Heck my brother is getting and 8320 soon, so I know he'll like this.

AMD has been very competitive in the GPU market. If they can compete with intel the way the do with Nvidia I will consider them in the future.

It't a shame that according to that article the architecture won't be coming out until 2016-17.  Maybe this will be the AMD equivalent of the turnaround Intel made after the Pentium 4.

It would be nice in this put them back in the high end.. but I am not betting on it.

im still rocking on my FX8350 yoo

Ok so AMD has decided to take Intel's route and compete with them head to head now? I guess in 2-3 years we'll see but SMT has it's own problems. Really hard to excited right now but it's cool I guess.

Now to extend my FX-6100 another couple of years and resist the urge to upgrade in a major way. I hope these are a serious contender again. It is a few years so I have tile to mull it over. 

To hype things up a little more, Jim Keller (who left after the design of the Phenoms) is lead designer again, so I'd expect a pretty drastic shift from Bulldozer/Piledriver/Steamroller.

I read about this but no mention as of yet about an AM3+ CPU, it would make sense to have a desktop release 2nd half 2015 when skylake comes out and features DDR4 and sata-express, probably be a big upgrade period for alot of people.