FX-9590 Overclock Advice

I know, the subject sounds ridiculous, but I'm looking for some advice for a MILD overclock. Right now, I'm running my 9590 at stock settings, across the board. 4.7GHz is nice, but I'd like to get it running at its turbo speed of 5GHz all the time, and need some advice on voltage settings, as well as multiplier/core clock settings. I have a very basic understanding of overclocking in practice, and have done it in mild forms before, but this one seems to flummoxing me.

To start, system specs;

FX-9590 w/ Coolermaster Seidon 240M AIO Liquid Cooler

ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z MB

AMD Radeon Gamer Series RAM, 16GB

XFX R9 280X Double D

Coolermaster Silent Pro 1000W PSU

Coolermaster CM Storm Trooper Full Tower case w/ positive pressure fan set up

So, my question is, how should I tweak the voltage and multiplier and core clocks to achieve 5GHz stable? I tried just upping the multiplier from x23 to x25, and upping the voltage to 1.3v, but on the POST screen, i got an error saying OC failed, and it restarted with the stock settings. I know it's not a temp issue with this cooler, as I have never been able to get higher than 53C, even running burn-in tests with stock clock settings.

Update: was able to get it to POST, and boot in to windows just fine by upping the voltage to 1.5v, and it was at 41C when my monitoring software launched. however, as soon as I opened WMP, it locked up completely. What could this be due to? Is it likely I just got a dud 9590, or is there something obvious I'm missing?

That's a over price cherry picked 8350. Waste of money lucky to see 5.2ghz

If anything leave it at 5ghz and enjoy the well build 8350 for what it is.

I wouldn't call it over priced anymore. I understand what it is, and I saw the prices when they first came out, that was insanity. However, its at most $120 more than an 8350, and it's guaranteed to run at 5GHz, which maybe half of the 8350's sold are capable of doing. Worth the $120 to me. But thanks for making the only reply to my question a gem like "Waste of money".


for a basic overclock this works. just follow it except aim for 5 instead of 4.8ghz

Try northbridge overclock instead of multiplier. Most of the time this works allot better.

Wenn i try to overclock my FX8350 due multiplier OC, i cannot get it higher then 4.5Ghz, i got the same as you it boots fine, but running benchmark or what not it just freeze, I setted back the multiplier to stock, and did a Nbridge overclock, on this i was able to get my FX8350 on 4.8GHZ rock stable, so i would advice you to set you multiplier back to stock, and overclock due Nortbridge overclocking. (Bus ratio)

Also dont forget to disable all the powersaving feutures offcourse, and set the cpu LLC and Nbridge LLC to extreme. etc etc.

Waste of money was my option. 90% of all 8350 oc to 4.8ghz. 

Didn't mean to offend if the 9590 was $50 more I'd have one too. It's a beast of a cpu and even pistol rocks one just fine on all today's games.

Truth is 9590 is a 5ghz 8350. Didn't mean to display agenda. My apologies.

No point in going 9590. Just get an 8350 and most if not all can OC to 4.8ghz. You won't get even 5.2ghz out of the 9590, the TDP is too high and the heat and voltage required are too much for it.

You might be able to get 5.0ghz but that's probably all...I have 2x 9590's in my house and I couldn't get to 5.1ghz on either. You should be able to get 5.0ghz but it will run hot.

 Cathsy no to go off subject but what's with all the computers? Even your back up pc is high end.

Being that you already have 9590 just enjoy it. 5ghz is still crazy good and with corsair h100i you can keep it under 60c.


5.2ghz is doable just need be lucky and using a waterblock 

LN2 is where its at lol ☺