Fx 8800p

I want a amd fx 8800p based laptop, what are the options?

lol like 2 laptops on the market. AMD's laptops are fairly un-common, but that's all on AMD's end. since they are starting to get back on the ball since they haven't really bothered to make anything worth competing against intel. but this is the only one out as far as I'm aware of.


have you seen the performance of intel graphics?, "they haven't really bothered to make anything worth competing"

AMD wins with its integrated graphics, everything else it loses, including efficiency. It's one of the reasons it's hard to find AMD based laptops, there's exist, but not many. but once again it's all on AMD's end. AMD made a tablet processor about a year ago i believe, and no OEM made a tablet for that processor.

If you must have the FX based laptop that HP is the only one out. Mind you Carrizo has been out since June 2nd.