Why is the FX-8350 so much cheaper compared to the 4770K?

The 4770K is £200 while the FX-8350 is only £112.


Which one is better if all I'm going to be doing is watching a few YouTube videos and browsing the internet? Thanks :-)

Because they have a hard time selling them.


I wont recommend neither for your usage

I'd look at either an i3 or an APU, perhaps an A8-6600K. You don't need an i7 or FX 8350 for web browsing and youtube.

I like big numbers.


If I did go for either of these, will there be a notable difference between the two?

I just want something that's silent but still performs well.

4770k it is, but you are wasting a ton of money.


a freaking pentium g3220 will perform extremely similar to those CPU in those task.

i own an FX8350, and its a great cpu. it does everything i trow at it. and its realy snappy in windows. i was allways into intel, but made a side step to AMD just to give it a try. and i never regret it. its a great CPU, for alot less money.

Only dont cheap out on a motherboard.


for what you are doing, you would not be able to tell a difference between an I7 4990K and an AMD A10 5800k. Would be like using chuck Norris as a prison guard for midget children.

i would still go with the AMD FX8350 or maybe even the FX8320. is also alot cheaper. its just a great chip for the money. pair it with a nice mobo like Asus M5A99Fx pro R2.0, and a good gpu and you are good to go. an SSD would make it also nice and fast with booting times.

people will say that a FX8320 will be overkill for just watching youtube and browsing the internet, which basicly is true. but if you ever get interessted in gaming, or you multitask alot, then in my opinnion it isn´t a waste at all. ☺

Don't underestimate the power of midgets.

Another reason I want something high end is because I want it to be future proof.

I might have a look at the FX-8320 but it's only about £15 cheaper. (8320 is £98.11 and 8350 is £112)

Future-proof is not an concern when you are talking about webbrowsing.


Heck an old PC running windows 95 surely could do they same (might have trouble playing videos, without lagging).


FX8320 and FX8350 are both the same chips basicly only lower clocked. you could bump up the multiplier, to bring it to the same stock clock as the FX8350, but yeah for 15pounds that choice is up to you.

Offcourse the i7-4770K is the better chip overall. But the diffrences are not big, especialy in multithreaded applications. on those the FX8350 performs realy close to the i7 basicly, that is not worth the price diffrence. On single threaded applications, yes on those the i7 is faster. But its basicly only based on synthetic bechnmark numbers. i personaly don't feel it in real life, with the things i do with my system. i do gaming, browsing the web, watch movies and live streams, and i also play alot with virtualization. on which the FX8350 just eats a i7-4770K for lunch. And also not to mention that software applications and games, also gonne be more and more desigend for multi threading, so the diffrence will get smaller and smaller.. So in my opinnion an AMD FX 8core is just a decent choice.

How does it perform while running virtual machines?

Are you able to run VMware workstation (or even virtual box) fine?

It works great on vmware and virtualbox. i run several vm's on my computer without any pain, windows 8.1, linux, mac osx mountain lion. all working great. Also the AMD-V support is great with a FX also has AMD-VI support, so you can acces your io devices within the virtual machine.

the Intel i7-4770K does not has this feuture vt-d onboard, and thats realy a shame for such a pricy cpu. lol ☺

Thats one of the reasons why i went with my FX8350, because it is better with virtualization, for alot less money.

Thanks for all the info, I think I'm going to get the FX-8350

if you're running virtualizations, NOW you're talking about actually using a FX 83xx or i7... yes, both would be excellent at VM... I wouldn't buy an i7 unless I was a rendering video or 3D professionally... you might also look into the Xeon E3, which doesn't require an expensive motherboard to overclock on... they should be significantly cheaper than the i7...

if you're just browsing the internet, however, buy an i3, or AMD APU, and throw an SSD in as boot drive... you'll be amazed...

If you are interessted in virtualization, i would indeed realy recommend a FX8320 / FX8350. or if you don´t care about overclocking, then the Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 would also not be bad. But its not overclockable.

But i think that the FX8350 will perform better overall with VM´s, because it has 8 physical core´s, and 16MB of cache to work with. This is handy for the amount of core's you wanne give to your VM.

The intel´s are still just quadcore's with HT doe. ☺

With virtualization, you would be looking at the virtualization technology the CPU support and what the software support.


Define 8 physical cores. It doesn't have 8 real cores.


Cache is not about of amount, but about speed, latency, different kind of cache, cache management and all that.


There is a reason why Intel is dominating the server market, where VM is very important.


+1 i agree about the i7-4770K would only be interessting if you realy do alot of  productivity stuff. and video editing professionaly. But even in that a FX8350 is not bad.

But if you do such heavy professional things like video editing pro, alot of productivity, heavy calculations, then i would personaly go ivybridge-E 6 core anyway. ☺

Wrong the FX8350 is a real 8 core ☺ they have 4 modules with each 2 pairs of core´s. But those cores are ""Real cores"". Not virtual core's like intels.

Also you talk about intel is dominating the server market on which vm is very important.. that could be so, but that is totaly offtopic. because you don't talk about consumer cpu´s in that case. offcourse intel will dominate that market because of its lower power connsumption.. duh.