Fx 8350

ok i was removing the stock cooler and i think i put too much pressure

and damaged the cpu


how do i check if cpu is damaged and

i am running that cpu it works fine but hangs a lot when extracting

If you were just changing heatsinks and not taking the cpu out of the mobo then it is unlikely that you hurt the chip. it's pretty hard to hard a chip when you aren't taking it out of the mobo nowadays, although my knowledge of amd is limited at best.

To see if it's broken take out the cpu and inspect the contacts, look at the cpu socket on the motherboard too. Truth be told I am sure you haven't broken anything at all it is highly unlikely that you damaged you cpu while it was snug in it's socket.

I have had some CPUs make some pretty horrible crunching noises as the cooler was locked down over them - never seemed to hurt them though. All have run fine.