FX 8350 w/ Corsair H100i temps

I have an fx 8350 (4.0 ghz stock) with the corsair h100i water cooler. My idle temps according to corsair link is around 35- 40c idle and the highest I have seen it was when running war thunder max settings and doing a virus scan at the same time and that got it up to 48c. Are these temps too high for the corsair h100i?, My room's ambient temp is around 18 - 25 depending on the day.

have you tried re-applying the thermal paste maybe because you didnt use enough or maybe you got a shotty chip because it seems kinda high to me.

Temps seem okay to me. which profile you running the fans ?

Also do an aida 64 test. and look how hot it gets, probably somewhere arround 50 degrees would be normal for stock.

I'm running the fans in the default profiles, while I'm a watching 1080p youtube video its sitting on 33c to 35c, ambient room temp is about 20c. The thermal paste I'm using is Zalman zm-stg2

I have an H100i too and when I tested my 8320 with Aida64, the highest temperature I got was 52°C with the 8320 running at 4.5ghz and 1.400v.

I did switch out the stock fans for Corsair SP 120 fans though.

Those temps are fine. ☺

Anything under 90c(load) is fine.

If your not factoring delta temps, Those idle temps are a little high but still well within a normal operating temps. For instance, my operating temps on my 8350 and a h100 idle ,15 to 18 , load /gaming 30 to 35, worst case was in the mid 40s to upper 40s. Could be a fan misconfig or thermal paste. Most peaple get a h100 or h100i and throw the fans out. Get a set of good sp fans thats quiet. For an amd cpu a general rule of thumb is anything over 50 c you need to be looking to improving your cooling. Whether it be the case airflow or higher quality fans, better tim.

I have amd 8350, but Kraken x60 that's placed on there pretty bad. 3/4 pins are on okay. I have idle temps of 19-33c depending on weather and max load of 37-45c with IBT. I'm using MX4 paste. So yea I think your temps are a bit high. Anything over 52c is damaging on the CPU i think not 100% sure.