FX 8350 vs I5 4670k? PC Build

Ey guys, I will be building my first PC in month or so. Knowing that PS4 is coming out soon, I plan on ditching my console and laptop (since PC games have more capabilties eg. Skyrim Mods, etc, and more horsepower) for pc.I plan on building a pc that will be able to compete or surpass console graphics. The point is,im having trouble over the FX 8350 and 4670k? I will be mainly gaming in games such as Skyrim (modded), GuildWars2, Crysis 3 etc.

Current Options

CPU: FX 8350 or I5 4670k

MotherBoard: ASRock 990FX Extreme3  or  ASRock Z87-PRO4

CPU Cooling: Noctua D14


CASE: NZXTphantom 410

PSU: Antec High Current Gamer 620W Modular HCG-620M

Memory: G.Skill Sniper F3-8GB 1600MHz (2x4GB)

Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200PRM

And the rest just fans etc. Suggestions guys? :)


To be honest if mostly what you are doing is gaming, i would go with the 8350. Ya the other one is newer and faster in some areas. But the 8350 is great for gaming and I havent noticed any problems with mine. i love it.

id go for the 8350, while the games you listed may perform slightly better on the 4670k i think that the 8350 will be suited better towards future games ported from consoles (seeing as your ditching your console you obv want the pc to play console game titles).

Right now the intel chips have better performance per core and so in low thread count games (most games out) they beat the 8350, future games however will have better thread counts allowing the 8350 to really stretch the legs of its 8 cores.

So as a future proofing exercise for games the 8350 seems better equiped.

I have put together a modified Intel and Amd option. If you can afford the Intel I would go for it.

If you're only planning on gaming, then just go for the AMD.  The CPU doesn't matter in a gaming rig as much as the GPU does.

However, if you plan on doing anything along the lines of video editing, I'd definitely take another look at the intel.

Meh, they are both good options.  I got the 4670K and enjoy it.  The intel solution offers better motherboards (pcie express 3.0 support) while AMD offers better value.

is there anything that even uses the full bandwidth of PCI-e 2.0 yet? 

Not at this time.  Most cards do not fully take advantage of PCI-e 2.0.  It's somthing like <10% improvement for the Titain.  It is good for me because I only upgrade once every 5 years and by then, there should be somthing capable of taking advantage of PCI-e 3.0.

and seeing as its an intel board youd probably need a new socket for a new cpu cos the one you got will cause a bottlekneck to your new gpu? heheh

nah tho , ty for confirming the PCI-e question tho, much apreiciated.

Notice if you wanne go with the AMD build don´t put the FX8350 on the Extreme 3, because that board sucks. 4+1 powerphase, and some crappy vrm´s.  if would suggest to pickup the Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 or the Asus M5A99Fx pro R2.0. i will come with 2 options. but whats is your budget?

amd option: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1imEw

intel option: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1imIP

you could also choose to cheap out on both builds putting in a Msi GTX 760 TF gpu, that card is on sale for $256, also not a bad card, the msi 7950 TF is a better performing card, in most games. but it also cost alot more.


with the exception of gigabit netowrk cards, No.

With my current build, ita about 1.2K AUD my budget is 1.3, I guess I could go for the Asus, but what's so bad about the Extreme 3? Disadvantages? Pros/cons? Thanks :)

Well the Asrock 990Fx extreme 3 has only a 4+1 powerphase, and realy weak vrm´s. This board is not realy made for a 8 core cpu. ofc you can trow a FX8350 on it, but it won't let you do any stable overclocks at all. thease vrm´s and the only 4+1 powerphase is realy to weak for it. the vrm's will run realy hot. and if you have bad luck the vrm´s just burn some day...