FX-8350 vs. i5-3570k

What would be a better choice for gaming and maybe some rendering if I plan on getting an AMD video card with Battlefield 4 in the future?

8350 hands down bro, it destroys the i5 in battlefield 3 and no doubt 4, and it will have more cores to do rendering. Thats my opinion, toms hardware will swarm you with intel fanboys, just warning


If you're using CUDA then Intel is the way to go for rendering... If not then the 8350.

But for gaming the new Piledriver sub-Architecture is pretty dang awesome plus the power of the 8350 is obscene.

No. 8350 still beats or ties with i5 in rendering, and if it doesnt the difference is so little it makes up for the higher performance in gaming

3570K has the edge in gaming and rendering, but is also a little more expensive, so its more of a tie, and for BF4, which ever one you get just buy a decent cooler and OC it.

This is part 4 out of 4 Linus testing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs25ZkAS-gY


this made me laugh :P

my question is why stop asking the question?

in another 6 months, 12 months we should be wheeling out both of these processors with the newer games to see if our theories about the 8350 being more geared towards future gaming held any merit.

test, test and re-test and if you find evidence contrary to your belief then change your belief.

ps, i think a lot of your annoyance with seeing the same sort of similar posts could easily be handled if this site had a better way of searching though old threads in the forum.

purely gaming. 8350 is best value for money at the moment you could spend the money you save on a good cooler and oc the thing.. yep agree with ruffedk. there is enough of intel/amd battle threads.


I have the 8350 and I think it is great

Sick of all these threads...

One is a 8-core, and the other is a quad-core.

The i5-3570k has more performance per core than the FX-8350 does.

The FX-8350 might be $20-40 cheaper, but in the long run it will be more expensive due to it using more power.

They both overclock very well, evenly matched there...

These days, not a lot of games use more than 4 cores, with the few exceptions of Crysis 3, and newer games. The ideal CPU for gaming now is a quad-core with good performance per core ratio.

Right now, the i5-3570k will out perform the FX-8350 in 9/10 games. In a task such as rendering, results vary.

In the long run, the FX-8350 may be a better choise, but for right now, the i5-3570k is where it's at.

If I had to have one, I'd take the i5-3570k.

In 6 months... I'd probably take the FX-8350.

Either way, you are getting one hell of a CPU and they will both perform flawlessly.

Go with the 8350. It has 8 cores, which hopefully in a few years games will able to support. Plus AM3+ isn't a dead socket. An overclocked 8350 will perform like a beast.