Fx 8350 vs fx 6300

these are the chosen cpu's they will be going with this:


so which is best?

by best i know the 8350 will out perform the 6300 9/10 but is it worth spending the extra $100

Where I am it's about a 60 dollar difference but honestly depending on what you're going to do you might not need the extra cores or the higher clock speed. Although the 8350 has a higher base clock speed the 2 extra cores will bring a little more heat which makes it a little less overclockable but what do you want to do with the rig? Also have you taken a look at the 7870 LE? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131484&Tpk=7870%20le

Sadly it out of stock right now but depending on when you plan on buying your new rig and if it's in stock I would highly reccomend this gpu. 

Well thanks for the recommendation 

I'll Bose mainly gaming and possibly recording 

i don't really plan on overclocking because I don't want To risk it overheating

Depends on what are you going to do... If you are going to do record, video editing, photoshop and streaming trought xsplit/OBS choose FX 8350...

If you are going for gaming only you can buy FX 6300, maybe a great cooler or more RAM or better GPU since you will have a 100$ extra. You can also stream with FX 6300 preety well but it wont perform as good as FX 8350. Depends on your preference, if you have good upload speed you can stream if you want...

6300 is still a beast for video edditing.

like 2-3 min slower then a 8350 if you render a 10 min video.

Wow it's sounds like the 6300 is a real bamg for the buck as you might say

thats why the 6300 is in the $500 build that i advertise.

Thanks if you wouldn't mind can you link this 500 (dollar) build :)