FX 8350 temps

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a FX 8350 with an ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 and H80i cooler.

I am planning on overclocking eventually when all my other upgrades arrive (GPU, PSU, monitor, case etc).

So I thought I'd run a prime95 test at stock (4.0Ghz) and my maximum temp was 55C. 

Which I consider to be too high. (At idle I run 29-35C)

Couple of questions:

Is this a normal temp for the FX 8350 at stock?
As this is already quite high will I be able to overclock? (I am new to OCing so I wont be looking for more than 4.5ish)


try re doing the thermal paste on the processor and if that does not work then it would be per normal 

Im using IC diamond using the 'pea method' so it should be ok even if the whole of the pump copper is not covered (ovbiously i hope it is)

Try reseating the cooler. I would think you'd see load temps more around 45C at stock, but I could be wrong.

Hmmm, i posted the exact same on tomshardware.co.uk and 2 people on there said this was normal for this CPU? I may try reseating it...

What is your ambient room temp?

How are your fans setup? 

Yeah, the 8350 may just run hot.

which programm do u use to show the temperature?

Fans are set up push/pull drawing air from outside the case. Ambient room temp im unsure of, maybe 21C (our central heating says that)

I am using 2: speed fan and Asus II.

Download AMD Overdrive and see what the temps on that program say. Also, http://www.overclock.net/t/1128821/amd-temp-information-and-guide Is a good Idea on how your temps should come up and what they actually mean.


Also, Tomshardware is so violently anti-AMD most of the time I really do not advise using them for questions on AMD.

Huh, well are you sure the fans are directed the right way? I read through a different thread about the your problem and the guy had his in push/push by mistake and was getting similar temps.

Ok, ill give that a go, I forgot to say, i did change the fans on it... instead of the ones that come with it they are SP120 quiet edition.

I have checked the fans (before install and when i saw this to double check) and they are correct, i looked at both the airflow shown on the fan and the 'paper test'.

Also AMD overdrive is giving same CPU temp as speedfan but (thankfully) AMD overdrive is giving core temps (using you link, thanks haha) as only 14C

Yeah, I find Tom's to be a mess most of the time, but that CPU can run at 55. It's best to keep it below 60 as that will shorten it's life, but it will not fry at 55. 

Ok, I won't trust them any longer then!

As it runs at 55 on full load at stock-4Ghz, will it be possible to OC this CPU, i would like to hit something like 4.4?

Oh, I missed that... 55 at stock... Well, we were running at H80 and it was way too loud so we swapped if out for the Xigmatek Dark Knight II. It is running at around 60c at 4.6 Ghz. I am probably going to bring it down to 4.5 and see how that is. 60 is a bit hot for me. 

You might be able to oc a little. See what the temps are doing if you raise the frequency. Also, see how far you can go without adding voltage. It won't be munch on the 8350.

if you are seeing a CPU(socket) Temp at that much higher than your core, it sounds like you may have issues with the thermostat on your mother board, OR, you have very poor Airflow in your case and it is dumping hot air into the case without a real exhaust for it.

Yeah I swapped the fans out to SP120s quiet edition so its runs nice now! Yeah I would have to agree with you, I wouldn't like to see 60C come up to be honest.

Ok, I'm not going to be OCing until all my parts-new case, psu, gpu, monitor and ram come (due to my income this may be up to 2-3months) 

Thank you Logan! 

No the core was way higher! 70 something i think

If im honest my airflow is poor at the moment, i have 2 intakes- front and bottom (and then the radiator on top of them 2) and 1 real exhaust-on top and then 2 exhausts next to the HDD cages, which expell pretty cold air.

Later this month i will be buying a nzxt 410. Then i can have 2 exhaust above my H80i so it should be a lot cooler inside the case.