FX 8350 Temps Question

So I'm finally OC'ing my 8350, and I'm wondering what temps I should be seeing. I'm using the Noctua D14s (don't remember what it's called. Single fin tower with 140mm fan). I've got my OC "stable", as in I'm doing small fft's right now and it has passed 6 times, which I realize isn't a ton of tests, @4.7ghz with ~1.4V. My question is, how hot am I allowed to get this bastard? I've just seen the highest temps I've ever pushed it to, which was 72C after about 10 minutes at 100% load. Now I know I don't think I'm supposed to push it past 62C, but I also understand that virtually nothing I do outside of running small FFT's in prime95 is ever going to get my CPU to 100% load. So yeah, should I keep going, or go back to my stable 4.6ghz which didn't push 65C at 1.3625V? 

Ninja edit: My 4.7ghz is actually at ~1.3875V I think cpu z is just reading it wrong. That or it likes to estimate high.

I should probably have mentioned that I'm using a Define r4 with none of the foam panels removed (two top 140mm covers and the left side cover) with only stock case fans. Newegg is having their 13 year sale and there are some corsair fans for like 35 bucks, should I pick them up and stick them in the top of my case?  I feel like this may help decrease the massive heat that this chip puts out.

Edit: I ordered the Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition 120mm fans. 27.99 on newegg right now.

Also, I am indeed stable at 4.7ghz and playing a maxed out Crysis 2 so far temps haven't gone about 44. Does this seem reasonable?

Edit again: Temps during Crysis did go above 44, but they stopped at 48 and stayed there throughout the whole first mission. When i get the case fans in in 4-7 days I'm going to try and push it to 4.8ghz or maybe even the big 5.0ghz. Will post results :D

There is no "official" max temp. But, don't let the socket get above 70 degrees and the cores above 65. For the fans, I'd get a rad like a h100i and use that. My 8350 is at 4.5GHz and never goes above 35 degrees at 100% usage with the 100i.  For your game temps, 44 is fine, Prime 95 (assuming that's what you're using) is way above the pressure that a game is going to put on your CPU.

I don't really have the money right now to drop on an h100i, but in the future I think it will be a great upgrade for me. Especially given that I like to throw my old pc parts at my brother, so him not having to use a stock CPU cooler would be awesome, and because the fans that I just bought are the "high performance" variants of the Corsair Static Pressure fans, which are supposed to be great for rads. We'll see how much they help, though, as I think I'm going to put those two in the front of my case and move my front case fan that I'm using right now to the rear top mount as an exhaust. I am actually extremely pleased with how easy it is to OC the 8350, I just probably should have expected the temps to be a little worse than they are. I may also ramp it back down to 4.5ghz anyway, though, as the heat may become more than I'm expecting in the coming days. Only time will tell, though. 

Wow,that is insane cool. I might have to look into the h100i.Thanks for that info.

The h100i keeps my [email protected] 5.2ghz at 50 degrees on full load for about 20 mins. In other words it is a great cooler, i have it in push pull with sp120 performance fans kinda loud though 

I just bought the performance fans for the front of my R4 since the high static pressure is supposed to help with pulling air through a grill/ covered door area. I want to wait and see how they affect my temps, and then I might switch my Noctua for an h100i or something similar. 

Actually,there is an official temp for the 8350. The maximum temp for the 8350/8320 is 61 degrees. and 70 for 6 core etc. I have a hyper 212 evo and I can't keep the case closed even with some pretty good wire manangement the cpu temp goes up to 66-68degrees,If I open the side panel and leave it open it never goes over 55 Degrees.It Looks like I need to get another fan to push the air outside,still though,I don't mind having an open case since it's right next to me. I'm not exactly happy with the temps since I'm running a stock 8320 and the temps are pretty high,meh.

i dont think ~70C is a problem, higher temps might shorten the life of the cpu, but since your oc'ing i'd hope you already know that.

the "max temp" is more of a guaranteed working temp from amd, my laptop hovers around 83c when gaming, and its about 4 years old now.  It's REALLY hot (i wouldn't recommend pushing it that far), but more or less says these chips can handle more than what most people seem to think.

61C is "max" rated by AMD. 

80 is when things start to become damaged.

My CPU topped out at 70c when i got it to 5GHz. I didnt really like that, so I backed it off.

70 at 5ghz?on water or air?My 8320 at stock speeds sits at 55 in prime95 with the case open and it's annoying. I wonder how much it will hit if I OC it

Dark Knight II with 2 Ultra Kaze fans.

Sounded like a bloody Jet engine.

I wouldn't push it pass 60c. There is literally no difference from 4.6 to 4.4ghz? anybody else agree? Also this CPU doesn't feel as snappy as 1090t @ 4.0ghz.

I've read in a couple of forums that prime95 doesn't exactly get along with certain AMD chips.  I remember reading about a guy who had a stable 5.2ghz in almost every bench except prime, which he could never get stable.  Personally I use Realbench, that seems to work fine for me, never had any crashes or any of that, same cooler at 4.8 at 1.41v load temps 72c.  I wouldn't worry about the temps too much unless you're doing some really cpu intensive stuff, just gaming I've never seen my chip above 48c, even with 2 7870's pushing hot air into the case.

The whole point of a stress test is to be slightly more intensive than any real application, this means if it passes the stress test, then it should be stable for anything in the real world. For this reason I highly recommend not using a overclock that's stable in "everything but XYZ" because when it so happens that something pushes it a little to hard, you'll get errors or a blue screen.

The high intensity of prime95 is why it causes problems, but thats also why you should use it, in short if your not stable with EVERYTHING, your just not stable, and that risks crashes and even potentially damage (this is the case when voltage or heat causes the problems) if you run it like that. Personally I think anything past 4.5ghz on a fx-8350 (4.2 on a i7) is just for showing off, its plenty fast enough for gaming at stock speeds and with productivity stability is a big issue as you'll spend long durations fully loaded, so anything more isn't even really helpful.

Yea prime95 isn't so good. Once you have a few cores fail or something and they degrade, you get lower scores. Then again I never went pass 55c or 1.5v on any of my testings. I used Intel Burn Test and sometimes OCCT.

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