Fx 8350 temp trouble

Just bought a new fx 8350 and I'm pretty happy with it, I haven't OC'ed yet and I really want to but I'm concerned about my temps. I have a dark knight 2 heat sink and I'm idling at between 31 and 35C. This is my first build and I'm definitely no hardware expert but I don't think it should be idling so high. After playing crysis 3 for a couple of hours it was at about 60C, which I don't think is bad under load (please correct me if I'm wrong) but I think it should be running cooler than that. Is there a different way to apply thermal paste for HDT heat sinks? I've cleaned and reapplied once and my temps have dropped a little bit but not much. Also I'm using speedfan to monitor temps and MSI afterburner to monitor temps in game, is there anything better that I can get a more accurate read on?


65c is the Thermal Limit of the FX chips, so your temps are getting quite high playing crysis 3, id suggest reseating the heatsink and making sure you didnt apply to much thermal paste.

the above comment is correct, being that you are not using the included heathsink temperatures are a little bit high.. not alarming to be honest and will not cause you problem but you can't overclock it if it is already going around 60 stock

Thanks for the suggestions, I reseated the heatsink once and I did clean it off and reapply thermal paste once, there's definitely not too much, just a very thin layer.

How did you apply the paste? Did you smear it or use the pea/line method? Logan made a video about it, if you spread the paste out before putting the heatsink on your temps are probably caused by air bubbles that formed when you put the heatsink on the CPU.

Check it out to make sure you did it the right way and put on the right amount.

Does your case have enough airflow?

Tower coolers like the Dark Knight are made for high airflow cases. The hot air exhaust should be to the rear, right into a case exhaust fan with a higher m³/h rating than the combined m³/h rating of the CPU cooler (if the CPU cooler has several fans in series, (total m³/h)^-1=Ʃ((m³/h of fan n)^-1)), or ideally into a "wind tunnel", constisting of a coaxial system of intake and exhaust case fans, with a combined m³/h higher than the total m³/h of the CPU cooler.

Most benchmarks of tower coolers in a case often screw this up (often intentionally to make crappy pre-filled liquid cooling systems look good), they use very low RPM case fans and too little of them to stall the hot air around the tower coolers, whereas the radiators of the prefilled water coolers they (want to promote and) compare directly exhaust outside the case because that's where they're mounted. Do not take the example of such setups for your case, but maximise airflow, get that hot air away from the tower cooler. If you don't want to do that or it's not possible in your case, get a top-down-blowing cooler as big as will fit in your case and enough vent openings (open some I/O shields that are not used so cool air can be sucked in and break out the faceplates of unused 5.25" bays as high as possible, to let hot air escape).

@forte: I watched logan's video and I think that the video is great for a flat copper based heat sink but it doesn't really apply too well for HDT heatsinks. The pea method and the line method will build up excess thermal paste in between the base and the copper pipes which will actually insulate more air. I used the pea method the first time (while watching logan's video) and then I used the credit card method. My temps are 5C cooler with the credit card method.


@zoltan: I really think that the airflow of the case is the problem. I've heard mid-towers actually cool a lot better, I just have to find a mid-tower optimized for cooling that my dark knight will fit in. The case I have now has a terrible 250mm fan that pushes 1800RPM and barely feels like it's moving anything as opposed to my 5400rpm north bridge fan and my 2700 rear case fan. I had a side 250mm case fan that I had to take off for my dark knight to fit.


I've been thinking about it and I need a case that's very temperature efficient. Full or mid, just something that can push air well. I need whatever has the best bang for the buck. What would you guys suggest?

Just got the Corsair Vengeance C70 and so far it has been awesome. Comes with 3 fans preinstalled, very good for airflow - up to 10 fans total can be mounted. The only downside is that some people are annoyed by the fact that there are fan mounts on the side window but it really doesn't bother me. Plus, the military green edition has a cool military-themed I/O panel, which is a very nice touch :D

I'm a big fan of Antec gamer series cases, especially the Antec 900 series, because they are not as tacky as most "gamer" cases, very solid, age very well (I have several and the oldest is 7-8 years old and still looks like new), have a reasonable price, and all parts are available separately from Antec for a fair price, even after all these years.

What I like so much in particular, is the fact that Antec includes an extra Tri-Cool fan exactly like the ones pre-installed in the front, with an extra fan mounting frame exactly like the ones pre-installed in the front, so that it's very easy - when not using an optical drive - to install that extra fan holder and fan in the top 3 5.25" bays, and the entire front looks uniform and classy, whilst offering horizontal wind tunnel airflow everywhere in the case. This is a unique feature, the implementation is simple and logical, just wow in my opinion. The Antec 900 was the very first "stack design" maximum airflow gaming/performance case.

I also like the Cooler Master HAF XM, which is heavily inspired by the Antec 900 (although Cooler Master doesn't include the same mounting hardware for a uniform looking front, and the case looks less understated). Cooler Master isn't even hiding the fact that they've had a good look at the Antec 900, they've segmented the front vertical bezel to match the mesh panel "stacked" arrangement of the Antec 900, and have even included a similar rubber padded storage space in the top. The Cooler Master does have slightly better cable management options inside the case, which is not great with the Antec 900 in comparison to other more modern cases.

Both the Antec and Cooler Master are mid-sized cases, not too big for sitting on a desk. I could tell a lot about the Antec 900 and why I think it's still one of the best gaming/performance cases out there, especially for the price, but hey, if you don't like the looks, I would be writing for nothing. I would advise going to a store somewhere and taking a close look at the Antec 900 series though.

I'm with ghost on HDT heatsinks, you simply can't pea method with them. I tested this with my TX3 and it was a disaster, credit card is the only way to go with these. The pea method for any other heatsink design is the way to go though.

Now, on your temps, they are definitely too high. Your cooler is better than mine (aforementioned TX3) and my idle temps are only 16 or 17 degrees with an FX-6300 overclocked to 4Ghz on vcore 1.3. Your temps shoudl look something like mine on idle.

Case wise I have a relatively cheap one, an Antec GX700 (one of the ugly new military themed ones), with two 140mm in the top, one 120mm in the back and an intake 120mm in the front.

Which case are you using Ghost?

I used the pea method with my 8350 using the same cooler as the OP and am getting ~14 degrees C at idle.

I cannot understand how a creditcard would work good on HDT, maybe line 9parralel to the DHT) is better then pea when using HDT but I really can't see how spreading it yourself would go well unless you get really lucky.

Spreading it yourself is bound to give you a lot more air bubbles in the paste.

You just have to be very clinical about it. I'm a lab scientist - very steady hands :P

Just a random passing thought, but have you checked that the MOBO isn't over volting the CPU?

I think it's most likely that you got a bad CPU, if you can you should RMA it. I have heard a lot of people complain about high temps on some of their cores on the ivy bridge i7's apperantly intel now uses cheap thermal paste on their heat spreaders.

Maybe something similar happened to your CPU and you were the unlucky one to receive it. If you can send it back for RMA you'll probably get a new one.

it could just be the sensors on the board.

the 'thermal radar' software that came with the sabertooth I had reports the cpu temp as being a fair bit off of what the corsair link on my h80 does

corsair link says cpu at idle / below 20c and 52 at full load.... thermal radar says its 30+ at idle and 60 at full load.

I am going to go with the corsair numbers as I like those ones better :P

If you want to check temps, you should be doing it in HWmonitor or CoreTemp. I find nearly everything else is bananas.

Anyhow, how is it all going Ghost? Have you had any luck?

I would recommend h50, just look for a good deal I got mine for $43 and im runing at 18 C, and using it on my  FX-8120. And im running 2 displays and playing starcraft 2 with itunes facebook and all those stuff only reaching 40-50 C clocked at 4200 Ghz. 

U are actually getting good temps by the way, i used to run at 75 C with stock heat sink