FX-8350 overheating weirdness on "AUTO" UEFI settings

For some reason, if I set everything to "AUTO" on my UEFI settings, my FX-8350 will try to cook itself when it is under load, reaching temperatures as high as 80+ degrees centigrade when undertaking HD video rendering. However, if I set everything to manual settings, it runs just fine (hitting 60 degrees centigrade when rendering the exact same video). The motherboard is not overclocked or underclocked under either of these settings. I am not using the stock cooler either, have upgraded the case fans too, with the fan curves all set as one would expect for such a processor. I am using it in conjunction with the Sabretooth 990FX Rev 2.0 motherboard.

I would have thought that on "AUTO" settings the motherboard would adjust the settings so that the CPU does not over heat, engaging some kind of thermal throttling on it. Has anyone else had this problem with the processor, or have I won the booby prize in the silicone lottery?

So by setting everything to auto, yph are essentially allowing the motherboard to supply the voltage to the chip as specified. What cooler are you using? What this means is that within gigabytes spec they decided to vastly overvolt the CPU under heavy load. When you select manual, you are using a fixed voltage meaning the motherboard can not change that when it feels like it. In other words you would probably benefit from undervolting. Maybe you could lower the voltage to the point where max load is 50C...

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I am using the Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO as the CPU cooler.

To do that, would I set everything on "AUTO" in the UEFI settings, apart from the voltage (which would be under the standard setting)?

Yes. Everything but Vcore.

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I'd start at 1.2 and work from there.

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Thanks ^_^

Edit: Bah, brainfart! You're not overclocking. Still it is a good idea checking out the guide and try to find your lowest Vcore etc. I found that turbo set a rather high voltage, turning off turbo and manually dialing in the voltage for about the same frequency is usually much better.

When I overclocked on that motherboard I did not use auto much, only on voltages I was sure the bios/uefi wouldn't set to silly high values on it's own. Check the voltages at stock, you can see them in the bios. Always turn off turbo etc.

On auto value for Vcore and CPU/NB the bios would set them very high when overclocking. No wonder your temps are high.

There is an excellent guide for overclocking on Asus motherboards over at OCN:

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I think you have misunderstood what I was doing. I am not trying to overclock the processor at all, I am trying to run it at it's stock frequency, hence it being weird that on "AUTO" it was overheating.

Yes you are right, I misunderstood. I would still check your cooler mounting/remount. Still could be turbo voltage, as it can be quite high.

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yea auto settings makes it cook itself and auto-voltages too. I think OCing u find out it likes like 1.51-1.55 voltage when 1.45 or 1.47 will do.

It has to do with the bios. Sometimes regular is actually extreme settings. One time my watercooled 8350 hit 85 degrees and darken the tubes. I had to replace them, with AMD can have something like Intel so that if it hits critical temperature it shuts off instead of waiting for special setting under bios or apps like core temp.

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stock voltage for a FX8350 is arround 1.368V

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