FX 8350 overclocking?

My specs.

Case-CM Storm Trooper full atx tower

cpu - fx 8350 (4.5ghz)

mobo - gigabyte ud5 990fx

heatsync - xigmatek dark knight ii


I havn't raised the voltages on it yet, ive only had this build since x-mas and how much should I raise voltage / can it not reach any higher?



You test my patience. 

I got 4.5 on my Hyper evo 212, but noticed it won't pass IBT. so I dialed it back down to 4.4ghz. ! 1.40v

I haven't seen any good increase besides synthetic benchmarks also the 4 core + 4HT isn't as snappy as my 1090t @ 4.0 ghz.