FX 8350 oc'd upgrade to 9590?

Hey guys! Saw the recommend specs for Fallout 4 and was wondering if I should upgrade my cpu to run it on high/max it out. I'm currently running an fx 8350 oc'd to 4.8.
Rest of my system specs (that matter, at least)
sli 4gb gtx 770
4gb ram 1866 mhz
850w evga psu

8gb ram* sorry

I think your CPU will be OK but I would pick up a better GPU. I was going to say pick up 4 gigs of ram but you fixed that :P

Edit: Everyone will say "UGH THAT THING SUCKS" Ignore them :P If it works for you, you're good.

Something like and R7 370 4Gb will do you fine for fallout 4.

You will have people tell you to upgrade, but I think the 8350 at those speeds shouldn't be a problem.

I'll see how well my SLI setup runs and then check out that card as well. Thanks!

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Um... 370 is a step back from 770...
As for the CPU - you are just fine...


upgrading to a FX9590 from a FX8350 makes no sense.
Because they are basicly the same thing.

Next to that upgrading your gpu, depends allot on the resolution you are playing at,
and which particular games you play.
Because if you play cpu demending games, it will not make that much sense to upgrade the gpu.
since the cpu will be a bottleneck aswell in allot of games especialy at 1080p.

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I recently upgraded my girlfriends computer from an AMD 750k to a I5 6600k, the RAM from 1333 to DDR4 2100, but still running the same GTX 770 and there was almost no difference in gaming performance. The only real change was minimum FPS in Heaven 4 benchmark. The minimum FPS on ultra went from 13 to 30FPS but the max FPS didn't change at all. These days upgrading the GPU is a better route to go. That minimum FPS jump was only after I OC'd the CPU from 3.5 to 4.4 Ghz. At stock speeds, there was zero difference in the benchmark scores.

Also, the hassle of getting Windows 10 reactivated after the motherboard change is pretty annoying.