FX-8350 Motherboard

Well, I've decided to get a 8350 instead of an i5 due to it being a more recommended CPU. However, Most if not all AMD Mobo's, whether they be 990fx or 970fx, do not have PCI-E 3.0. Do any of you know of a 150-ish dollar mobo for the FX-8350 that has PCI-E 3.0? Or does PCI-E bandwith not affect performance. I've heard most GPU's do not use the full bandwith on PCI-E 2.0 but I can't be too sure, I will be adding another GPU in the future so I need to be able to squeeze as much performance as possible out of the mobo.

Am3+ and 990 or 970 fx dont support pcie-3.0! non of them!

whenn im fully right only intel high end platform sandybridge E  socket 2011 supports pcie-3.0

bit its only a number, and ofc a matther of time before manufacturers will come with a chipset, and mainboard that support pcie 3.0 for amd, but till now there isn´t any!

and its totaly a useless fueture :)

The Z77 Chipset for Intel's Socket 1155 IVy Bridge CPUs also support PCIe 3.0

The difference in performance is minimal, if existant at all.

the only am3 board i know of that supports PCI-E 3.0 is the new Asus Sabertooth boards, and im pretty sure thats through the use of a controller which is less ideal.




sorry guys  ofc z77 ivy bridge does support pcie 3.0 too but only if you gonna use  i7 3770K and maybe an 3570k

Until late 2014, long wait.

I knew that and that was one of the main reason's I was gonna go with Intel but then again the 8350 is still an equal choice. Seem's like most AMD fanboys on this site are hostile so wouldn't want to upset them.

Well since socket 1155 will no longer be used it's not the best idea to go for it then have new chips come out that are better in performace but require a new mobo. Plus these new "Haswell" chips are supposed to not be much of an improvement over current I-bridge CPU's. Maybe the next AMD chip will blow Intel out of the water. Who knows.

Such a dilemma choosing between intel and amd, I haven't found a clear answer to whether or not PCI-E 2.0 is weaker than PCI-E 3.0. It's divided between yes and no and no one can agree. I've heard that 2.0 x16 is equal to 3.0 x8 and x8 is only at max 2% worse than 3.0 x16.

na im not an AMD or INTEL Fangirl, for me counts performance for price.

intel still make better cpu´s  no doubt about it,  amd can´t concurate  with the intel high end hexacores. but okay the cost 3 times the price.

but in the midrange, the AMD scores very well, in 8 out of ten times its performing better then an i5 3570k,  and most of the time, its performs nearly to the 3770k that cost about 300 euro, the amd tx8350 only cost 175 euro for allmost the same performance, so thats what counted for me just the price :)

but if you want pcie-x 3.0 then better go intel, but i realy dont know why that should be a desider :)

Well, I don't actually know if PCI-E 3.0 affects performance of a GPU or not. I've seen mixed answers from forums across multiple sites and none have a clear answer. Since I'll be using a high end GPU, it's important that I do not bottleneck it.

well as far as i readed about this, there are no games and cards thats using the full bandwide  from pcie 2.0.

so i think if you run a single gpu setup, it wont make any diffrence, now.

but maybe if you gonne run a quad sli or crosfire setup, then maybe it can be better to have pcie 3.0 support, i not know much about it, but if i think withn normal thinking, pcie 3.0 will have more power to power the cards maybe..?

but i think wit a single gpu or dual gpu setup i think it wont make any diffrence now, till the time there are games and cards that will use full bandwide  of pcie 3.0 then they will allready come with pcie 4.0 maybe, so then its all be outdated. so  thats what i am think about it :)

AMD’s high-end FX platforms will gain official support for PCI Express 3.0

It said "official support" in 2014. Lol. The board still suports it, now, the website didn't say the board was being RELEASED in 2014 xD

I'm not a very careful reader lol. But I did see the official support thing in 2014 but these Asus mobo's cost upwards of 200 bucks. Not really worth it considering that PCI-E 3.0 doesn't offer much if any performance changes from PCI-E 2.0

At most I'll be running 2x crossfire cards before I upgrade. I believe it'll be a while before DX12 and PCI-E gen 4 are released or even rumored.

There is no current GPU that use PCI-E 3.0.


Maybe the nVidia TITAN will...


You should really consider a better chipset for lanes bandwidth well before thinking about PCI-E 3.0... most chipsets can't handle 48 lanes...

That means that if you do dual SLi/Crossfire, you are fine, but going to a third GPU will drop the scaling quite a lot, since all cards will run with 8x lanes. That means that even if your ports where PCI-E 3.0, you would run at half the bandwidth of a PCI-E 2.0...


i know the evga gtx 680 classified uses PCI-E 3.0, and the 690 does

I will be using a 7970, gonna add another in two or three years after I build my pc. From what I gather, I won't lose any performance with 2 GPU's on a PCI-E gen 2 enabled mobo right. Since most GPU's don't use up the bandwith available in pci-e 2.

they might use the interface but they are still using less bandwidth than PCI-E 2.0 and titan is less powerful than a 690 so it wont either