FX 8350 Idle Temps

Hello everyone.


My FX 8350 idles at 46 degrees celcius.



CPU : AMD FX 8350 4.0 GHZ   (Voltage : 1.32v)

Cooler : BeQuiet Dark Rock 2  ( 1200rpm) (Fan pushing air through towards top of case)

Thermal Paste ( Pea sized came in box)

Mobo : Asus 990fx r2.0

Case: Fractal Desgin R4 (top moduvent open) (Both intake and exhaust running at max speed)

GPU : Asus R9 280X

I live in the UK it is quite cold here at the moment.



Is this normal?


Thanks for reading.




Seems a bit high, mine is idling at 18 which can't be right because I'm pretty sure that's lower than the room temperature. What temps do you get under load?

I was looking at the wrong temp, I'm getting 36 on idle. I have a noctua c14 but the fan is dead slow so I would think your temps would be better than mine. As long as your load temp is under 60 (pretty sure that's right) then you're good.

What is your ambient? 

What are you using to measure temps?

46 C or F?

46 idle is a bit too much.. Like brennan asked, ambient temperature is an important factor tho.

Are you confident about the placement of your thermalpaste? What are your case intakes? Their directions?

Initially (the first minutes or so when I boot up the pc) I also have temperatures a chunk below the room temp. I think it has to do with the 'thermal capacity' of a watercooling (or a good heatsink) (it takes a while for water(or the heatsink) to reach higher temperatures).

I have a $30 air cooler and at stock clocks my 8350 idles at around 16c and maxes out in a p95 run at 40c. Is that even possible? Ambient air temps at 22c. Cooler is a cooler master hyper n-520. That's not even boot up temps either, I can put it on load for a few hours and after idling for about a minute it goes right back to 16.

Hello again,

I am not fully confident about my application of the thermal paste I think I added a dab more than a pea sized.

46 degrees celcius not farenheight.

Front intake fan at front of case with hdd cage removed.

Back exhaust fan is back of case in normal position

measured using bios and also speed fan both how the same results.

The biggest problem with AMD boards is that they can read out pretty well full load temps, but on idle its weird and never accurate.  I use HWMonitor, AMD OD, and AIDA to check my temps all at the same time.  Usually they're off by 5c each.  I live in Las Vegas where its HOT as hell. I get 20c idle temp today, when outside its around 34c and inside my house im at 26c. weird temp readouts.  When i run full load though, my temps are pretty accurate, i hit around 55c max and thats if im running a really hardware intensive game like battlefield 4.  That's with 2 video cards. and max fan settings on everything.

tell me about it. i try to use coretemp and i'll adjust the offset according to the stock asus montering program. but when i put load on the cpu, the asus program will tell me it's somewhere around 52c when coretemp will display something like 65c.

So shall I remove the thermal paste and reapply again with the paste provided in the box. This time applying a smaller pea sized amount?

well first, it's  a good point here above;

From what program and what field are you reading those idle temps??

not something to do with q fan and the CPU_optfan and cpu_fan headers?

what RPM is the fan running at?