FX-8350, i5 3570K or i7 3770K

Title reads all. I don't mind spending around the 3770k. Please don't get started on haswell. If there's a good reason though, I will consider it.

Go with the 8350 it the cheapest and the best bang for buck. But if you want intel go for which suits your needs. 3570k for gaming. 3770k for video editing and gaming. Overall the 8350 can do both edting and gaming very well to suit your needs.

Maybe you should've said what you want it for...

If you're just gaming, the 8350 is all you need and want. - Check out the vids / benchs Logan and Wendell (and if others too, I'm sorry) made on this:

  • youtu.be/eu8Sekdb-IE
  • youtu.be/4et7kDGSRfc
  • youtu.be/rIVGwj1_Qno

If you need raw CPU power (video editing etc) you might consider the intels but on that you'd maybe have to look into a bit (I think Logan wanted (promised? :P) to make a video on general usage and working performance on the 8350 but I can't find it..)

Did you mean 3570k? Cause intel doesn't have 3560k.

I'd like to debate on the Amd 8350 being cheaper.


Newegg price for both:

AMD 8350: 199$

Intel I5 3570k: 219$

Favouring AMD 8350 with 20$



In this benchmarking (http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/2012/11/06/amd-fx-8350-review/7) we see the power consumption of both processor and since you are buying the unlocked processor we are looking at the overclocked power consumption. 

Which are for 8350 (4.8Ghz): 364 W

and 3570k (5Ghz): 267 W

Now if we have KW/h cost of 0.10$ and we use both processors everyday 10 hours for 1 year. Using the cross-multiplication we get the cost for electrical : 

8350:  $132.50

3570k:  $97.19

Favouring 3570k with 35.13$

Subtracting the cost difference (20$) and we get ~15$  favouring 3570k.

With every next year Intel costs you 35$ less to use than AMD.

After 2 years of usage you already spent 50$ less for 3570k than 8350.

As we found out, It costs less to run 3570k compared to 8350 making it actually cheaper.

Making the statement that 8350 is cheaper completely false.


FX8350 still best bang for your buck, eaven over hasswell

Gaming = AMD 8350 or Core i5 if you want to spend the extra bit of cash.

You should probably only get the i7 if you're doing far more than gaming, because there is such a small difference in the performance, it's not worth the money for just gaming