Fx-8350 + 660ti

Hi everybody, I'd like to know if an AMD FX-8350 and a Nvidia GTX 660ti would be a good match, i'm preparing myself for a new gaming PC and I'm just making sure there is no bottleneck or incompatibilty. Thank you in advance and feel free to give your opinion and suggestions. If you have any question about my build I will gladly answer.

Have a nice day.

It doesnt matter if your Processor is AMD and the GPU isnt a Radeon. AMD+Nvidia works just the same. And No the 8350 wont bottleneck it at all.

thanks for the quick answer.

yes it doesnt make sence you can use a nvidia Gforce 660 ti on a amd fx8350 that realy doesnt matter, the only thing you have to notice, if you plan in the future to run a sli setup  with two  gtx660ti´s then you have to buy now a mainboard with the 990FX chipset.

if you not gonne run a sli setup, then a 970 chipset boards are fine to


I'm not planning to go with a second 660ti, one will do just fine for me :)

Im using that same card myself. The GTX 660ti OC edition, runs everything I throw at it on maxed settings love the card.

yeah the EVGA GTX660TC looks realy good :P