FX 8350 - 3Dmark 11 physics score lower than it should be

Hi all!

I tried to run the 3Dmark 11 yesterday, and for some reason my physics score seems lower than most of the people with the same CPU. I wonder, what could cause that?

Usual physics score with my specs should be around 7k - 7.5k, and I'm scoring 6.5-6.7k. I noticed, that with higher ram clocks I can have a small performance increase in physics score. What could it be? Its not a huge issue, and I'm hoping with some OC I could get my score a bit higher, but still curious what the issue could be. I updated mobo drivers, switched off the Cool'n'quiet thing, and asus turbo - that bumped the score a little bit.


Some of the top scores without any CPU OC:






My score:


I've noticed a correlation between storage speed and physics score.The highest score was using a RAM drive, the second highest was using a Samsung 830, while third place was also equipped with a SSD. Another thing to note is that all the fastest systems were running Windows 7, and, from what I've gathered, Windows 7 does have a slight performance edge in gaming performance, while Windows 8 is snappier for everyday use. The one that was noticably slower (~300 points) was the only mechanical disk one, and it was also running Windows 8.1. You are running Windows 8, and are also on a mechanical disk. The other differences I noted was the other mechanical system had higher reported clock speeds than your system in both CPU and GPU.

I'm not sure if all those factors would account for ~500 point difference, especially since I'm not that familiar with 3DMark, but I'd imagine it would make some difference.

That makes sense, thank you. SSD should definitely have some edge in performance, since its reading data faster right? I read that my Powercolor r9 270x is the highest factory oc'ed 270x, the only thing I can really oc is the memory, maybe will give it a go. I'm not really that worried about this 3dmark thing, I just wanted to make sure my CPU is not flawed or something, cause that would suck since I bought it few months ago :)

I did notice gaming performance increase in w7 over w8 on my old system, but I only tried w8 on my new build, maybe its worth trying w7 as well.

Anyway, thanks for your input!