FX 8320 Upgrade Help

Hello Forum,

So I used to have a AMD FX 4100 paired with an Gigabyte R9 280X. And it had a pretty bad bottleneck so I decided to upgrade to a FX 8320 and I am still getting pretty bad fps for example in Counter-Strike GO I get about 120 fps. I also have MSI afterburner on screen display and the GPU usage is still only about 20% i'm really confused. I also tried BF3 on ultra and was getting between 10-15fps. Any help is apprenticed



what kind of memory do you have? what is your 8320 clocked at? did you update the drivers? what is the clock rate of your r9 280x? have you tried turning the computer off and on again?

I have 8GB of Ram at 1337Mhz, 8320 is at 4.0Ghz. I will re-install the drivers to see if that helps. The R9 280X is factory OC'd and yes I have turned it off and on.