FX-8320 Temperatures

Ive recently built a new pc using an fx 8320 cooled by a hyper 101i in push pull (i know its not the best but it should be better than stock cooler) i am at stock speeds and under around 60-70% load (playing bf4) the temps seem to be hitting about 63-66C ive read that the max safe temperature for FX series cpu's is 62C im using CPUID hwmoniter for the temps and have also used coretemp to see if it had similar results and it did, ive reseated the heatsink and it seems to be the same. any thoughts/help/suggestions?

We'll all the fx processors are hot so maybe water cooling would be a solution, then you could over clock a bit too. 

Yeah, either that or a better air-cooler altogether.

I'm running a fx processor also and I use a Noctua cooler(2x120mm push and pull), never had any issue with temps. Good Luck. :)

Did you change the thermal paste? I have an 8320 and a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo and I have never exceeded 51C (it's the heart of summer now with outside temps at 30C, probably cooler inside though)

how is the airflow inside the case?

all the 8 core fx proccessors do that, i just used the cold winter air from my window, but when even when i dont it never goes past 50c at 4.6 ghz

An AMD rep told me these chips are good up to 70c. But it is recommended to keep them at around 65c. Also that cooler is only rated to dissipate 65W of heat, well the FX 8320 has a TDP of 120W. 

CM hyper 101 *Maximum compatible CPU wattage: 95WTDP* you need something like a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (Maximum TDP 180w)

yea i cleaned a reapplyed it 

pretty good 2 intakes and 1 exhaust all 120mm alot of passive top exhaust 

thanks for all the feedback looks like im getting a new cooler when i can

yeah thats the best idea those numbers look horrible to me, i use the stock amd cooler with FX8350, and i never got that high, even wenn using prime for an hour. ☺

Those temps are horrible, get a better cooler.


The hyper 212 plus is $20 and will be MUCH better.


My CPU never goes over 50 in game. Usually hovers high 30's low 40's.

The computer i built for my friend with Asus Sabretooth R2.0 with FX 8350 using Hyper 212 EVO. Idles at 11C with CnQ enabled and goes up to 23C while gaming. Those temperatures are from west coast weather keep in mind every state may be different from humidity and so on.

At stock clocks my 8320 is doing like 30C in Prime95 with a H80i. It is winter though.