Fx 8320 running a bit hot?

I'm haveing a few issues with this cpu. The idle temp is around 40-45degrees celcius, the load temperatures are around 60-65, and full load around 75 degrees. Changed termal paste, running stock cooler, no overclock atm. Any sugestions? Should i buy a aftermarket cooler? I am considering buying a cooler master v8.

Don't get a v8, they're hideous as sin and they don't cool as much as they cost. Hyper 212 EVO always the go to for reasonably priced. Noctua D14 if you shit cash and piss nickles.

what about the temps? are they normal? i can't seem to find anyone to tell me whats the normal temp for the cpu T_T

If he can shit and piss nickles, get a Phanteks PH-TC14PE with 3x Noctua NF P14 fans. Or, if he can have monetary diarrhea, he could get a custom loop. But, I have the PH-TC14PE and get better results than the D14 on practically everything. It keeps my i7 3770k @ 4.6gHz idle at 29 degrees C. I highly recommend the PH-TC14PE.

But yes, those temps are around what you'd expect on stock coolers, It is recommended to get somthing aftermarket though.

@brennenriddell I haven't actually seen any info on Phanteks, how's it compare to the D14 and what's the price I might ask also?

The Phanteks PH-TC14PE is about $85 to $90, depending on which color you choose. I


Even with the loud, stock fans that Phanteks provides (they have some really nice high end fans, but they aren't included), compared to the high end Noctua fans the D14 includes, the PH-TC14PE performs a few degrees cooler, and in my caes, quite a bit cooler. I love it - it is much better than a CLC for the price.

No those temps are not normal.

you sure you program show the temps right?

what are the temps wenn you restart youre computer, and then look in the bios, wich temps it gives over there.

Thease are mine temps idle with stock cooler.Wenn i gonne run a heavy game, or use prime its gonne run about 44/45 degrees.

how hot does the cooler feel wenn you run idle?, maybe bios update needed

Those are the right temps, the problems isn't just at me. A friend of mine bought the same Fx 8320 from the same place, same problem CPU at 75 degrees in full load. We are both considering buying a sychte ninja 3 rev B. or a cooler master hyper 612s.

75c ? because thats too damn high for an AMD CPU. 

I changed the termal paste from the stock cooler, used artic silver, saved like 2 degrees. I'm starting to think the cooler isn't really suited for this cpu, same goes for a friend of mine. Same cpu, same problems...

I have problems with my 8120 too... I can't run it at stocks volts on the cpu, without getting to high temps. Undervolt it, that might help quite a bit. :d But get as mentioned above get the hyper 212 evo. You might want to consider the xigimax aegir, should be quite good as far as I have read. But if you want to go all out, the Phanteks is nice too.

Bought a sychte ninja 3 rev.B and i will post before and after results after i have it installed. :)