FX-8320 O.C cooler

I've caught my new 8320 is looking jealously at all the 8350 's online; therefore,  I decided to oc it up to 4.0ghz from 3.5ghz and I need a new cooler. I have searched  long and hard for a cheaper efficient cooler, and I have found this http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835233029. Thoughts to oc it to 4.0ghz?

Ya that cooler will work great and you could probably go a little past 4ghz

Should be able to get higher than 4 GHz with that cooler if you don't have to whack up the voltage too much.

How much higher? Keep in mind I am hoping for decent longevity. 

P.s. Thanks.



Knowing the 8320's binning process is lower than that of the 8350, I would say 4.4 maybe 4.6. This all depends on how much voltage is required to get there also, you will have to keep that in mind. If you start needing 1.488v to get to 4.6 GHz its going to start pumping out some heat into that cooler.

as someone who can get to a not quite stable, little bit to hot 4.4 with a far worse cooler that sounds about right

This should be able to observe since I bought an asus,  - haha the asus syndicate - mobo and use their programs.

You could get the Silver Arrow Extreme, Phanteks ph-tc14pe or NH-D14. Any of those should get you 4.5 easily.

If you want the best of the best, get the phanteks heatsink and get 2-3 TY 143 fans (2500RPM 140mm fans!) 

with the dark knight we got to 4.5Ghz stable on a 8150

4.6. Just ran a little hotter than we wanted. My room has AC, remember? lol.

I have CM Hyper 212 EVO and at 4.2GHz full load temperatures are very far from critical ones.