FX 8120 - How to OC

I need some help with OC my CPU. I don't want to reach huge clocks but I just want to go to around 3.8Ghz or so. I have an after market cooler, the CM 212EVO.

Thank you for your time.

Just bump the core clock untill you get an error in the first few minutes of a Prime95 run. then bump up the voltage a bit untill it is stable again, then repeat untill the chip is running as hot as you can stand (i'd recomend below 90 degrees celcius), use realTemp to tell. then run prime 95 for as long as you can, all day if possible. Then keep an eye out for random crashes under normal use, that means you're still unstable, so reduce the clock speed a bit.

Hope this helped. ps with my intel chipset the voltage scales with frequency. If your amd chipset supports it I would leave it on (for power efficiency reasons and life time of your cpu) intel call it speed step I think. It also means you don't necessarily need to manually over volt. Do some research into it for the most epic overclocks.