FX 8120 getting too hot?

Hey guys,

I'm running an FX 8120 and the core temp gets up to 65 degrees C under heavy load.. The AMD site states its max is just 61 degrees... Should i be worried? I'm planning to get a 212 Evo or a Dark Rock 3, depending which i can get at a good price.. Is this temp too high and should i get a better cooler right away?

I used HW monitor and the CPU slot read 80 C max.....

Yes , the temps are terrible. Fixing your cpu cooling should be priority. Might try new thermal paste and heatsink reset.

For the FX Series 60c is the rated max temp. I don't worry about it too much; I let my 8350 go up till like 64c, but, I like to push things. Bottom line, If you are hitting 60c+ at full load you need a better cooler. 

Another thing to consider when aircooling is how is your case airflow? Its entirely possible to drops cpu temps by 10 degrees or so with new thermal paste and adding an extra fan to your case. Just something to consider?

Im getting 2 new 80 cfm case fans tommorow, and a evo 212 next week


 With the case fans ill also get thermal paste


I would google up some fan placement and setups for you case. youtube even. You should be able to easily get an idea on how or what to use with your case. Before spending the money.....do some research.

Only problem is I have no idea which case I have

I got extra case fans, and improved air flow.. I now have 67C max at full load, which is still too high but considerably lower than before. Ill have to get thermal paste and hyper evo 212

Getting there. :) Good cable management might net you a few degrees lower temps. Looks like you have it under control.


Just give this a shot.

Go into your UEFI/BIOS and disable turbo core.  That'll help keep the voltage from spiking while thinking it has more headroom.


Let me know if that helps.

Ill try it tonight, cant right now.

+1 excellent idea.

Currently trying, the idle temps were lower than usual. I'm starting up BF4 as we speak, if it can stay under 61C its a success.

I ran 2 matches of BF4 and the max temp was 58 degrees. Thanks a lot guys!

Glad to be of help :)