FX 8120 50°C idle on a Corsair H60 (HELP PLEASE)!

My FX 8120 has been on 50-60° C on idle with a corsair H60. I have not overclocked it and my fans are all running. My PC sometimes shut down randomly because of this. Anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this?

It only started to happen recently. Been running this machine for nearly 2 years.

Things that I have done

#1 Replaced Thermal paste (Arctic Silver V)

#2 I did check if my pump was working and it is

#3 No Overclocks

#4 Taken BIOS temps, Coretemp and HWmonitor

#5 De-dusted my system

My Current PC specs

AMD FX 8120

Asus ROG Crosshair Formula V

Sapphire R9 290 4GB

4x 500GB HDD

Corsair Force GT 120GB

Corsair H60

Corsair AX 750w

Corsair 650D

Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600mhz 

It would sometimes randomly shut down while installing a CPU heavy software or stress testing.

Here are my temps 


Your temps will eventually get normal, give it some time.

Important Reminder:
Due to the unique shape and sizes of the particles in Arctic Silver 5's conductive matrix, it will take a up to 200 hours and several thermal cycles to achieve maximum particle to particle thermal conduction and for the heatsink to CPU interface to reach maximum conductivity. (This period will be longer in a system without a fan on the heatsink or with a low speed fan on the heatsink.) On systems measuring actual internal core temperatures via the CPU's internal diode, the measured temperature will often drop 2C to 5C over this "break-in" period. This break-in will occur during the normal use of the computer as long as the computer is turned off from time to time and the interface is allowed to cool to room temperature. Once the break-in is complete, the computer can be left on if desired.

What did it normally idle at?

This happened before I applied the new thermal paste aswell. with the stock thermal paste that corsair supplied. My temps were about 20~ C at idle and 55 at max


Any update are the temps dropping? How long have you had this CPU for?




20c idle? Impossible, AMD do not have temperature monitors within there chips the software is out of funk.

Make sure your pump is running at 100%.