FX-6350 v. FX-8320 which one is suggested?

I am just full of questions.

I am buying an AM3+ mobo, M5A99X, and a CPU, I was wondering which of the afore-mentioned CPUs I should get. On one hand the 6350 is 4ghz and six cores, wheras the 8320 is is 8 cores at 3.5ghz, is there any benefits/drawbacks I am missing? Should I leap for the  8350 ( keep in mind <strong> Strictish budget </strong> ) ?


* The mobo is Rev 2.0* sorry about lack of info.

If you get a 8320 you can just change multiplier to 20 which makes it stock 8350. You can easily OC it to 4.4 GHz if you have an aftermarket cooler. The only reason to get 8350 is if you are going to overclock it hard.

8350 and 8320 are the same chip, they are just binned based on their overclock potential. (All FX-*3** are the same chip, in fact. 6*** and 4*** just have cores locked).

Okay thanks, this falls inline with some of my 'tin-foil hat' premonitions on the naming and production.