FX-6350 Overclock

So I've finally gotten around to overclocking this thing and I'm wondering about where a sort of normal range is for this CPU.

I haven't yet run a multi-hour prime95 test, but the short 30 minute ones that i've ran say I'm stable at 4.53 GHz at 1.38V at load (llc bumps it a bit). Does that seem like a normal range or am I hitting a low end?

I tried going to 4.6 GHz and Core 1 had some issues. I went up to 1.4V (its about as high as I could get without going over 60C) and it still had issues. I can't disable it to see where the other ones stand since its Core 1 so that sucks.


First of all, it's a preference thing (mostly) but I've ditched Prime95 because of some issues with stability testing. I personally use Aida64 and OCCT.

Also, try bumping your voltage up to 1.45v on the CPU and see if you can hit 4.6. Next, run Aida64 stress test and see how it does.

Do a bit of reading on the internets about Prime95's hate for the FX family of processors and how a lot of AMD OC'ers won't use it.


I can't/shouldn't bump the voltage to 1.45 because at 1.4V I reached the 60C threshold and I don't really want to push it past there. (I have the MB shutdown/throttle at 65C on the socket, unless of course I'm being overly cautious) That's why I gave up on the 4.6GHz because I didn't want to get too hot.

I'll try out OCCT when I get back home tonight. I guess I could use the trial of Aida64, but we'll see.

Been using OCCT for awhile now and I think I've finally gotten to a stable clock. Sadly its staying at 4.5GHz, guess the Silicon just isn't there. I tried to bump it to 4.6 with both the multiplier and the Bus speed and neither of them lasted very long. This was even at 1.41V (which maxed at 61C so I wouldn't run it there anyways).

Here's the CPU-Z validation if you want to check out what I got to run stable

I'm doing an infinite Linpack right now to see if this is good for an extended period of time. I've only been doing 10 minute tests up to this point.

Btw, this is my first overclock (and also my first after market cooler) so maybe if I re-set the cooler better I might get a few more degrees of room, who knows.

Thanks for the suggestions