FX-6300 temps?

Just build my PC with an FX-6300. When gaming it hits about 65° celsius. I'm currently on stock frequencies, voltage, and heat sink. Is this an average temperature or is something wrong?

Stock heat sink is typically very bad. As well as your computer being under load when you game, you are in the 'fine' range, out of curiosity, which temperature reader are you using, and which 'cpu temp' section are you reading?

I'm not sure I would call that the 'fine' range - the mid 60s is about where these CPUs start to throttle.

When did you do the build? Perhaps you should RMA.

I live in Australia, which as you are likely aware is a very hot country (40 celsius in summer), and in my apartment with no air conditioning mine didn't even reach 55 degrees after hours and hours of Prime95 on the stock cooler at stock speeds.

How is your case airflow?

As I said, which temperatures are you reading? Underload you want the actual Core temperatures, not the socket temperature. Going to once again post links on how to properly read AMD Temperatures.


Nox is right - make sure you are using something reliable to check the temperatures. I use CoreTemp and the guide he posted recommends the same thing.

Also make sure you are reading the proper spot, You want to Read the actual core Temp and not the CPU temp. the CPU tem, as the guide says can be 7-10 degrees hotter than the actual internal temperature is.

If you have an ASUS board activate the EPU which reduces voltages while still stable at stock clocks, I think other Mobo's have this feature but I am unsure