FX 6300 Performance

I was originally gonna get a i5 4670k, but couldn't afford it now, I would have waited, but I already have all the other parts except the CPU and the Motherboard, so I decided to get the FX 6300 for the time being, my question is, what kind of performance can I expect from it paired with a GTX 760, I can't really find much on the internet on it's gaming performance, I just wanna know what kind of performance to expect, and yes, I am planning to overclock and my cooler is the CM Hyper 212 EVO, thanks.







I know quite a few people who have used the FX-6300 or 6350 in their builds (built one personally for a friend) and they all get great results for gaming with it. With a decent air cooler (even Hyper 212 evo) you can get the 6300 up to 4.4 or 4.5 usually. 

FX-6300s are great for budget gaming.  They should do quite well for most gamers.