Fx-6300 or fx-8350?

So basically I'm building a budget rig for gaming,  and maybe some recording eventually for now gaming (some parts from my uncle but i've spent about $200 so far). I had a phenom 965 BE off ebay for $75 but the seller shipped it in a make shift packaging and put it in backwards so many pins were destroyed in shipping. I have everything i need except a cpu which is why i'm stuck i wasn't planing on this at all but i figured i might as well spent a bit more for something with a bit more headroom.  As far as benchmarks in gaming, is the 8350 worth the extra $60? I know its a silly question but games don't use 100% of the cpu so I wasn' sure what would be best. I am planning on building a high end intel build eventually but that may not be for a year or more.

In purely my own personal opinion, I would be willing to spend the extra $60 to get the 8350.

Also, it would depend on your current graphics card and RAM, because it is not worth getting the better CPU if it will be the GPU or RAM (less likely) that is causing a bottleneck. Though I am sure there are others on here who would be much better at deigning if it is worth it or not 

OP what motherboard are you using? brand and model if ya dont mind

i would get a 6300 if your just gaming if your gonna be doing other things like video editing i would get the 8350.

MSI 970A-G46 is the model mobo i'm using and i have a gtx 470 for the gpu. I'm using (for now) 4gig 1333mhz ram from my uncle but i'm going to upgrade to either 8 or 16 gig 1866 eventually. ( just started a job and can't afford it all right now) 

You need to get an aftermarket cooler if you're getting an 8350. There's not other option, really.

well if your overclocking, yeah get an aftermarket cooler, otherwise stock will suffice as long as you have got good airflow in your case. just wanted to check your board was compatible and yeah it is.

so considering my 4gb ram and gtx 470 the 6300 seems like the better option especially considering the 8350's stock cooling. does that sound like the best option to you guys?

If you're planning on doing another build so soon I'd just go with the 6300, pocket the extra cash and use it on your next build

With the 470 a 6300 should be fine, otherwise if you run a 8350 you wouldn't see much of an improvement since the 470 would be your bottleneck and possibley the 4gb of RAM depending on the game.

Thanks guys, i dont know tech that well so i rely on more knowlegeable people a lot. That is what i wash oping to do anyway so i'm glad i made the best call. 

No, thanos. A stock cooler will not be good enough for an 8350. I know, because I'm running one. Rendering in sony vegas, I was up to 65c. That's close to the thermal limit of these chips. My computer has actually overheated several times already.

well then you most likely have crap airflow, or you just got unlucky with the silicon lottery, but 65c is no where near the thermal limit of that cpu, you got another 15c before you even need to start worrying

Also if your that worried about, then undervolt the sodding thing. the preset stock volts on motherboards is usually to high anyway

I have 2 120s pulling in air from the front, a 140 on the side pulling in, and a top and back 120 exhaust. I think my airflow is good xD