FX 6300 or 965 Black Edition

Right i just got enough money to build my PC. i'm kind of stuck for a cpu. i dont know if i should go for a 6300 and wait a few years before i upgrade. My other option is to go for the 965 and wait for then next gen of amd cpu's and then upgrade to one of them when they come out depending on their benchmarks. I could also change to an i5 and have a better motherboard if i go for a 965. Thoughts?

Both chips are at the same price, so go with the 6300. As for upgrades, for the longeveity the AM3+ is a better platform since the next two generation of AMD chips will support it, plus its cheaper, but you do sacrifice some performance. 

If you go with the I5, then you'll get better performance but you will have to stick with a Haswell to make a computer practical for long term upgrades since Haswell uses a different socket than older Ivy Bridges. It's also significantly more expensive, but you get better performance. 

Essentially if you're budget limited, its better to stick with AMD, it will save you cash and give you a PC that will play anything. But if money isn't a limiter, go Intel, there is better performance in gaming scenarios and many other things. However, don't let Intel's performance margin dissuade you from buying AMD, gaming performance is more on the side of the GPU than the processor, it'll be better to save on cash and purchase a lower end CPU, and pair it with a high end GPU. 

Thanks! well it's either i get the 965 with a 7870xt or the 6300 with a normal 7870. the 6300 is slightly more expensive here by about £30 and i'm on a strict budget 

7870 with a 6300 would be nice:)


Yeah, definitely go with the FX 6300 configuration in this case. If you can afford to spend a little extra money though, you might want to consider getting an FX-8320.

Try to hold off one more month until the new amd cards launch, it will drive the drive of the current cards down and will help your budget stretch a bit further.

i wouldn't suggest 6300, i would say either go 4 cores or 8 cores.  6 cores doesn't really get much benefit to justify the price difference.  I would suggest the FX-83xx or the FX-43xx, i've used a few 6xxx and i never really like how the 2 cores just sit there doing nothing for almost every task, idk why it does that either.

The more cores the merrier, just be patient.. the software needs to catch up with the hardware.

Please stop giving bad advice. Obviously, the last two cores won't do anything if you're not utilizing them.

You have no idea how many times I just facepalmed due to your terrible advice. The more cores you have, the more multitasking you can do. Not to mention that rendering programs will run faster because they will use all of the cores. Just running a single game or browsing the web obviously isn't going to be using all of the cores on the chip, although games are going to start being better optimized to use more and mroe cores, especially when the new consoles come out.

thanks for all the advice guys! the 6300 is the cheapest of all the fx series chips here so i'll be going for that. i found an overcloaked msi 7870 for £158. Think thats what i'll go with but i may wait to see if the cards do go down in price. from what i've seen in benchmarks, the 6300 is probably the best "bang for buck" too

hence.. patience.

Going to ramble a little, its late and I am tired :P

amd took a risk with their new(ish) processors, they took the long view, they knew they couldnt go head to head on single thread performance and decided to go the other way.

FX has weak individual cores... but many of them. To think of it another way...they couldnt go up, so they went wide.


Sucks in single threaded performance, and even massive overclocks dont get them up to level with intel in single thread.


Multithreads like a motherf*cker and scales perfectly in applications that can handle multiple threads... 

So we really are just waiting for the software to catch up.


If you take the even longer view, hsa and opencl (if they deliver as promised, I am always skeptical of PR/MARKETING) is going to render the choice of serial cpu largely obsolete (which is interesting way to beat your oposition) and gpu will probably come to stand for "generic processing unit" instead of "graphics processing unit"... its just taking damn too long to suite me.

Ten years from now we will be looking back at all this and scratching our heads wondering why people were so focused on single thread performance (TEH ALMIGHTY SINGLE THREAD! ZOMG) and not on something that has proper scalability.

haha well i'll take your advice and wait a while. i mean the prices here in the uk are borderline stupid! the build im looking at now fluctates like crazy and am i hell paying £600 pounds for a system i can get for £60 less in a few weeks time


first of all, rendering programs use video cards over the CPU, so that doesn't matter.  

second, the way the 2 cores are set up, they're slaves, It works like Hyper Threading with those 2 cores, but the way the math works out, the 2 cores just sit there doing nothing for some reason.  Take a look at usage screenshots of 6 core AMD's, 2 cores always staying lazy at lower than 30%.  

CPU's like linear usage.  2, 4. 8, 16.... etc.  That's how computers work. Why do you think they don't come out with 5,7,9 core processors...because they don't function properly.  People abandoned 3 cores right away.  The computer doesn't like odd calculations, it's been designed like that since the beginning. Though i know that teh FX-6xxx works as a quad with 2 cores multi-threading, but those 2 cores don't work properly because of the uneven calculations given on those 2 modules over the single core modules.

no rendering uses CPUs over GPUs, and rendering programs use each core individually, as long as you have 2-4GB per core then its adaptive, and the 6300 is not a quad with 2 cores with multithreading, its 3 FPUs each with 2 interger cores

just stop


You are both right :)

It all depends upon the software, latest adobe premiere does both cuda and opencl


as does vegas


The thing you have to remember is they are both function specific, so you only get balls to the wall performance for certain things.. in the absence of hardware assisted rendering it falls back on to the cpu.

Anything below the latest and greatest versions of most software and its hit and miss on whether it supports it or not.

I am dying to see some benches of the 6800k at opencl accelerated (mainly video/3d rendering) tasks