FX 6300 or 6350

Working on a new AMD build and have opted to go with a 6 core cpu.  Does anyone have any experience with these?  I guess my main concern is the difference in power. Is there a noticeable performance difference?  

Also, if you've used either what mobo did you use?  I've read mixed reviews with certain boards running the 6350 or 8350 at 125w.  Or is the 6200 where it's at? Just looking for a little stability with my performance. 

When all is said and done, I envision something like this: 






Crossfire avoid if you can as a single card will give you less headaches. Go for a single gpu - 290.


agreed a 290 or 290x makes so much more sense. 

If you plan to overclock the 6300 and 6350 have identical results don't bother with the 6200

For $40 more I can't recommend the 8320 enough. I went from a 6350 to the 8320 and it's definitely an upgrade going from the 6 cores to 8. Unless you already have the cpu it wouldn't hurt to check it out.

I actually have a friend of mine that runs the 6300 and in comparison to the 6350 it runs cooler and is easier to overclock.  while doing game play benchmarks (real world test) on the same system, with the only thing changed was cpu there really isn't any difference in frame rate, and rendering times did not change enough to matter either.  So same some money and go with the 6300 it runs cooler and you wont notice a difference in performance.  However, I agree with "offroadslayer88" step up to the 8 core 8350, its worth the 40 dollars extra.    

I considered the 8320, but decided to get the 6300 instead, because I didn't want feel that it was worth the power consumption difference, and the extra cores didn't really appeal to me that much.

I actually faced the same decision myself a while ago. (I probably should point out I’m not some sort of tek god, this was my first proper build.)

I ended up going with the FX 6300. (and why you might ask given your post)

The fact that the 6300 is 3.5 GHz on 95W and the 6350 is 3.9GHz on 125W led me to search out advice on witch one was the better over clocker. I can’t link to any of the articles or forums as it was a while ago, but the general consensus was that the FX 6300 was capable of reaching better overclocking results at a lower price.

I managed to get my FX 6300 to 4.2 GHZ on stock voltage. I don’t think this is normal, I may have just won the chip lotto. Either way I’m now running it at 4.5 GHz on a corsair H55 (above stock V). Running AIDA64 stress test my max temp was 59 C.

As for mobo I was building into an M-ATX case (bitfenix prodigy m) so my choices were very limited. Given I was planning to over clock I went with a board with a heat sink on the mosfets and good reviews. So I got the Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 v5. If you’ve got a full sized ATX case you’ve got far better to choose from. I suppose mobos all come down to what you need and just personal preference, as I got super anal about the lay out of the SATA ports (retarded I know but hey)


a good bang for buck is the 6300 with a gigabyte 990fx ud3 mobo. i have been running both in my system and they have been great for 2 years.

i used your build to modify it using suggestions made by others and myself.

990fx ud3 mobo, saph tri-x 290x, 6300, and a good cpu cooler that matches the ud3.


if you decide you want an 8 core this mobo can easily handle it. and dont pay the inflated price for win 7/8. a member here sells keys for both that are legal for less than $30.

Just thought I’d add this


I actually have 2 r9 270s,...I've not crossfired them, as one is in a separate build currently and I picked up a gently used one at a price I couldn't refuse.   It's a "should I, because I can?" scenario. 

Your replies were very helpful. I have full atx case, and was looking at gigayte boards too. Port layout is important for those of us who care about cable management. Thanks for the info!

How was your initial set up with the gigabyte? Plug and play, or minor updates? 

I was curious about crossfiring in this build, because I just picked up an additional r9-270.  I mistakenly selected 270x in the build specs.  I've not crossfired before, so I"m not sure what headaches lie ahead. ha. 

8 core is tempting. 

Solid advice on the OS.  Thankfully I have an 8.1 key at my disposal for this build. 

I basically have everything but the cpu & mobo for this build. What are you using to cool the 8320 with?

plug and play with the fx 6300. also didnt give me any issues with the many linux disto's i tried

i used my his 6750's to try out crossfire, and i only payed $140 for them combined. if you really want to try crossfire, get 2 R9 290's,