Fx 6300 gtx650TiBoost Bf3/4 High? 40+FpS

Hello :) 

i want to build a system for bf 3/ bf 4, will this be ok?

will this be enough to play at 1080p high or ultra settings  @ 40+ fps

or should i change something, btw i have a case and a old  hdd.


-EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost Superclocked, 2048 MB DDR5

-AMD FX-6300, 6 Core, 3,5 GHz (Piledriver) Sockel AM3+ - boxed

-MSI 970A-G43, AMD 970 Mainboard - Sockel AM3+

-GeIL EVO Leggera Series DDR3-1866, CL10 - 8 GB Kit

-Corsair Builder Series CX430 Netzteil - 430 Watt

- 1TB ,7200 rpm hdd ,3.0 Gb/s


it should be perfomance orientated, it doesnt matter intel or amd , nvidia or amd

what is your budget 

im from EU so about 400Euro ~ 500$

just get the fx 6300 8gb of ram and a HD7850 or R9 270x instead of the 650ti boost

The boost would put out medium to high at 40+ if you're lucky.

ist the 7850 2gb faster than the evga gtx 650 ti boost Superclocked 2gb?


do you think a fx 4300 would do the job aswell? pared with a 650 boost/ 850/7870/R9 270x

i was running a HD7850 2gb(overclocked to 1Ghz) + a FX8320 on bf3 all highsetings vsync'ed to 60fps bf4 the same setings around 40fps (and yes a hd7850 is faster and better than a 650TI BOOST)

And the amd cards will get amd mantle support in bf4 improveing the fps more.

is there a card thats between the 650Ti and the 7850, im building a similar system but on a budget and to get a 7850 im pushing it :/

No >HD7770>GTX650TI>HD7790>GTX650TI BOOST>HD7850>GTX660>HD7870........

Doesn't seem as though that is entirely true. Though with Mantle, the 7850 should do better, but that is remaining to be seen and I am not going to place much weight on untested hardware/software if I can help it.


those benchmarks are probably old because I can tell you my 6870 did more like 40 on ultra 1080p and bf3 was a Nvidia game and bf4 is going to be an AMD game so the 7850 is a better choice

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho0TnSZ2HW8  i am not interseted with old benchmarks with old drivers and the cards are not overclocked.

From what I saw, overall, they performed about on par with each other. But seeing as how BF4 is an AMD title and all, it should perform better, but there is no guarantee really.


P.s. This is coming from a 7850 owner. I am just skeptical until I see numbers. AMD SHOULD be the better choice for BF4 across the board, but that remains to be seen.


That is with everything overclocked though. He never mentioned wanting to overclock.

Also, I was playing BF3 just the other day on my 7850 and averaged 66fps with the 13.11 beta drivers (with several very noticeable drops which I think is attributable to my card only having 1gb of vram). Just thought I would throw that in there. It is possible that nVidia cards haven't increased in performance as much.


EDIT: Do note that this is with my card overclocked to 1050/1275 and the settings were all the way up at 1080p.

If you are useing a 1gb card that will be whats happening i was useing up to 1.4gbs of vram with a sapphire hd7850 2gb.

I figured as much. I have the exact same problem in my heavily modded Skyrim. Once it loads, it runs just fine. Too bad I didn't spend the little extra to get the 2gb version. Shoulda coulda woulda

The 7850 overclocks like a little demon dosent make any sence to not overclock video cards i was running mine at 1000Mhz and temps where still lower than 55c

Some snaps i took before i swaped my video card out for my new HD7950.

I think that we are in agreement that cards need at least 2gb for modern games. This is right after loading my latest save in Skyrim.