FX-6300, GA-990FXA-UD3 rev 1.0 Overclock

I bought a new 700W PSU after the old one gave me problems and immediately started overclocking.

Gigabayte GA-990FXA-UD3 rev 1.0

There's a bit of a"problem with this board - it has no Load Line Calibration setting, So you have to carefully watch your voltages. 


I found here that the max safe voltage is 1.55V and I've set mine to 1.5V (CPU-Z is a bit off)

Tried overclocking with just the multi, but had trouble, so I increased the FSB to 240 (my RAM is 1600 MHz CL9) and then reduced the multis on the CPUNB and HTT accordingly. Still had to increase the voltage of the CPUNB a bit.


Oh, and this is my cooler:

Thermaltake Frio

It's a bit ridiculous - it covers one of the RAM slots, but it does it job well:

Notice the TMPIN2 is 61C - that's the Northbridge temp - and I've found that the max safe is 80C so no problem there.


What is your BIOS version.  I've got a ud3-1.1 which is just a sata revision to the ed3-1.0 and with my beta f10a bios it has LLC.  If you can get LLC on there, it can do some good and you may be able to lower voltage for a more efficient overclock.

I think it's F9.

Will try the F10a beta - what could possibly go wrong?

Nope - no LLC.